Fantasy Football League Review – 13/08/18

Fantasy Football League Review – 13/08/18


With the first week of the Premier League behind us, it’s time to take a look at who came out on top and who flopped in the York Business Fantasy Football League.

Currently sitting on the 1st place throne is Yes Ndidi – Veritau who scored an impressive 70 points for the weekend. Having the prolific Mo Salah as their captain, they narrowly edged out Jae – York Council who finished the weekend with 68 points.

Bringing up the rear in last place is ArchiDribblers – Carve, who managed a total of 22 points. Shame De Bruyne didn’t start ey? Particularly as he was your captain! It’s early days, however, plenty of time to get back into it!

Things are the top are tight, and it’s only going to get more competitive as the season continues! Stay tuned for weekly updates.

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