Why do SEO when you have PPC?

Why do SEO when you have PPC?

An Edge 45 seminar at Made in York.

Our head of SEO led a seminar on the basics of SEO. In this episode he runs through some results, pointers, and ultimately answers a question that NEEDS to stop being asked.

The takeaways

This talk addresses the question “why bother with SEO if you have PPC?

There are many reasons:

  • PPC is expensive.
  • Once you stop paying Google, you disappear from the SERPs.
  • You don’t build any equity in your website.
  • People don’t trust paid listings, for the most part.
  • We get exponentially more traffic from our #1 organic listing than for any PPC advert we run.

The talk and the transcript


Colin: So, PPC. Why bother?

Why bother [with SEO, why not] just use PPC?

I get that. Here’s some reasons why not.

It’s very expensive, particularly when you don’t know what you’re doing. As soon as you stop paying Google, you disappear without a trace, whereas with organic, you’re there for good. Or, by and large.

This is one that people don’t think about, putting equity into your website. I’ve got a car leasing client who used to pay for leads. Very old-fashioned industry from that point of view. So, they would pay something like £50 a lead for somebody interesting in car leasing. And they’d try and convert that lead. And they were doing it through pay per click as well.

Now, as soon as you stop paying Google, they dropped off, you know, they were nowhere. So, the value of that website was nil. The SEO, we worked with them on an SEO point of view, and we got them ranking number one for, I don’t know, “Range Rover Sport leasing,” “Range Rover Evoque leases,” “Lease deals U.K.,” that sort of stuff. But they’re there for good now, until somebody else comes along.

But, if he wanted to sell that website tomorrow, it is now worth something, because they get 20,000 organic visits a month and 200 leads a month, without paying anybody. Well, they pay us, but, you know, they could stop paying us, they’ll still be there. So, they’ve put equity into the website, so it’s this idea of paying, you know, paying off a mortgage rather than just paying rent. You’ve got something to show for it.

So, just quickly, just to labour the point, who does this when they’re browsing? So you got some PPC results there, and we just skip straight over them. Yeah. Why is that?

Man 1: Don’t trust them.

Colin: Brilliant. Yeah. Don’t trust them. Perfect. Many just don’t trust the paid listings.

[It’s a] problem Google’s got and they haven’t solved it yet. They’re actually testing making those little ad icons green, the same colour as the link, so it blends in more.

Again, just to labour the point, this is kind of what we all do. We just go blind to the ones at the top, and we go [elsewhere]. So, and, again, just [to] finally, finally labour the point, so “SEO agency York”, proud to say that we’re number one for PPC and the local listing, and the organic result.

Guess which one doesn’t get any clicks?

That’s the one at the very top of the page.”


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