6 Copywriting Tips That Boost Conversions

Mastering the art of crafting copy for your landing pages can make a huge difference to your business. Beautiful design may catch the eye initially, but it is your copy that will encourage the visitor to take action before they leave.

When set up correctly, landing pages can be an extremely powerful weapon to have in your marketing arsenal. Their versatility is remarkable. Landing pages can increase your email list, sell more products, and even help with SEO, but the copy needs to be spot on for them to work their magic. That’s where this article comes in.

We have been writing digital copy for more years than we care to remember and have worked on numerous landing pages in our time. There are certain things that work extremely well – and some that don’t work at all! Today, we share our tips with you today so that you too can create great copy that converts for your next landing page. Let’s get stuck in:

1) Pack an early punch

When a prospective customer pays your landing page a visit you need to get your point across as quickly as possible. They may have just clicked through from a PPC ad to get there, so tell them what they need to know straight away. Don’t hide your core message with a clever play on words; be forthright.

Your headline should make a promise to the visitor about what you are offering and then your subheading should be used to underline how that promise will be met. For instance:

Take The Gamble Out Of Gambling

Our revolutionary betting system will help you increase your win rate overnight

If you are searching the net for betting tips and you come across a landing page with this opener you are going to want to find out more.

That’s the key; get them on the hook as fast as you possibly can. Some visitors may act on the headline and sub alone without even reading the rest of the copy, so it’s well worth spending a little extra time getting this part right.

2) Don’t overcomplicate

This is where so many people get it wrong.

As an expert in your field, you will know the minutiae of your business inside out, but your customers won’t want to read a page of jargon that essentially is just you showing off!

All they want is a simple message, and that message should do its best to convey how your product or service is going to make their life easier or better. That’s it.

3) Be specific

Although keeping things simple is imperative, making use of data that backs up your claims is vital too. Remember that your landing page is there to convince people to do something that you want them to do, so you’ll need to persuade them with your tantalising text!

Simply making claims willy-nilly will diminish your authority, not enhance it.

However, if you can substantiate each claim with cold, hard facts in your body copy, you will be far more believable. Take a look at the following two examples:

  1. Our betting system will help you win more often
  2. Over the last month alone, our betting system has increased our customers win rate by an average of 64.3%!

Example 2 gives more weight to your argument by stating the specific increase in winning bets you can hope to achieve within a given time frame. This is far more effective than an idle claim will ever be.

4) Show your worth

If you’re an already established business, one of the easiest ways you can persuade new prospects to join your customer base is to let existing customers promote your company for you.

Gathering customer testimonials and using them on your landing pages is a very powerful and effective way to demonstrate that your business can deliver. Best of all, you don’t need to write a thing!

Testimonials convert really well because they build trust with your visitors, and the social proof you gain from them allows your landing page to make a big impact on all who see it.

5) Get emotional

Obviously, We aren’t talking about grabbing your customer’s leg and wailing like a banshee, but your copy should have an emotional element to it if you want it to convert well.

Tap into your customer’s needs and try to work out an angle that will get an emotional reaction from them. Storytelling can be a great way to elicit this, but be careful not to overdo it. Keep it as short as possible:

Every day we’d go to the races and give the bookmakers our hard earned cash, and every day we’d grow more tired of their smug faces and fat wallets. We needed an edge, which is why we decided to create our revolutionary betting system. We know you feel the same way too, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Turn the tables on the bookies today by signing up below to get the system for yourself. Your bankroll depends upon it!

These two simple paragraphs give the reader something to relate to, and a solution. Which brings us to our next point…

6) Give a clear call-to-action

Too often, businesses are woolly when it comes to asking a prospective client to do something. This is a fatal mistake. After all, a landing page is there solely to convert, so why wouldn’t you emphasise that?

By providing a clear call-to-action you are giving the visitor an- easy way to act upon the information you have provided. Without it they may end up wandering away, never to return.

Using call-to-action buttons can be very effective as the eye is naturally drawn towards them. However, pay close attention to the wording (microcopy) you place inside these buttons, as this can make a huge difference to conversion rates too. A/B testing will give you a clear indication on what wording works best for your page.

Your copy is the single most important part of your landing page. Without killer copy you are going to struggle to achieve the conversion rates that your product or service deserves. However, if you use the six simple tips outlined above combined with a solid SEO service strategy, you’ll be well on your way to crafting copy that converts for your business – and that can only be good news, right?