Email marketing is the method of communicating a promotional message to your target audience via electronic mail. Any email sent by a company in order to build trust in their brand, raise awareness of a particular product or increase customer retention and loyalty can be regarded as email marketing.

It is a very efficient way to get your message across and it also has the added benefit of being a very personal means of correspondence too. This allows you to send specific emails to specific people, making your promotional campaign a far more targeted one.

Old is still gold

With an influx of buzzwords and new-fangled concepts, digital marketing has become a minefield for the uninitiated. The latest thing tends to be hottest thing in many peoples eyes, and they will often follow trend lines rather than common sense.

We like to take a different approach here at Edge45®. We prefer to simply concentrate on things that work, and email marketing is one such method. While other agencies may see email marketing as old fashioned, we know it’s true value and potential.

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Why it still works

Email marketing still outperforms many other forms of online marketing for more than one reason. It allows you to keep your client base informed, it’s easily customisable, and it can be integrated effortlessly into other marketing tactics.

It can improve customer engagement across all devices and it converts far better too, as the people on your email list have chosen to be there. In fact, the number of reasons why email marketing still works is endless. The question you should really be asking is, ‘Why aren’t I doing it?’

Cost-effective customer interaction

Email marketing has another thing going for it; it’s one of the most inexpensive forms of marketing out there. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email marketing has an ROI of around 4,300% (no, that isn’t a typo) – it pretty much pays for itself!

By successfully targeting the right people and delivering relevant correspondence, your business can achieve outstanding results. Jump off of the bandwagon and get back into email marketing – you’re missing out if you don’t.

Hassle-free automation

One of the toughest things in marketing is reaching the right people at the right time. Automation can help with this, and it also removes the worry and hassle of remembering when your next correspondence needs to be sent.

Edge45® will relieve the stress even further by taking care of your automation setup for you. We’ll put workflows in place that will respond to triggers made by your customers; so, if someone takes action at 2am, they’ll get the appropriate response there and then without you having to lift a finger.

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It’s not what you say, but how you say it

Clearly, email marketing works. However, in order for the body copy to weave its magic, your subject line needs to be spot on. Research shows that 64% of email recipients open an email purely on the basis of the subject line. Considering 84% of all email traffic is spam, this figure is hardly surprising, but it does highlight the need for a professional approach to copywriting for your email marketing campaigns.

How Edge45® can help with your email marketing campaign

Based in York, our email marketing team is ready, willing, and able to take your marketing efforts into the stratosphere. We work with businesses both big and small from York and beyond, building email lists and putting them to work.

Firstly, we will ensure that you are doing all that you can to build a strong email list. We’ll implement tried and tested techniques that will grow your list, adding only highly targeted prospects as we go.

Then, our consultants will analyse your list and effectively segment it into workable groups that will allow us to market your products or services effectively to each group.

This gives your recipients the feeling that each and every email they receive has been personalised for them, greatly increasing the chances that any given email will be opened and it’ll enhance click through rates too.

Segmentation also allows us to market directly to regular customers, keeping them interested with regular product updates and company news. Less frequent customers can be enticed back with discount codes or offers specifically tailored for their needs.

Our clever automated service will also fire off relevant emails as and when they are needed, ensuring that your customer base is well informed at all times.

Things such as abandoned cart emails will tell the buyer that they have unpaid for items in their basket, thus leading to greater conversion rates.

Edge45® has the knowledge and experience to create an email campaign that delivers and this is what sets us apart from other email marketing agencies in York and the rest of the UK. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach here! Contact us today to find out more.

What makes us different?

We bring a logical and modern approach to one of the oldest forms of online marketing

Our automation knowledge makes email marketing stress-free for you, the user

We’re hands-on, so rest assured that your campaign will be built specifically for your business, no one else’s

Email marketing is mobile marketing

Smartphones may be all singing all dancing bits of kit, but the number one
activity they are used for is – you guessed it – checking emails. 49% of all emails received are now opened via mobile and a whopping 30% of all users exclusively read their electronic mail via a mobile device.

So, if your mobile store isn’t performing up to scratch, an email campaign could be a crafty way of improving its performance. Targeted coupon offers is just one way to improve engagement, and remember, over 70% of all mobile purchases are influenced in some way by email marketing. Can you afford not to have an email campaign up and running in this mobile age?

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