Edge45® Is Now VAT Registered Effective 1st October 2016

A quick update for you all! Things have been growing pretty fast here at Edge45®. We now offer Social Media services and Video Production and we aren’t stopping there either, we plan on introducing new services in the near future. What are they we hear you cry? Well that would ruin the suspense wouldn’t it now? Rest assured our core principles haven’t changed, we go full throttle to add real value for our clients and we never lose focus of that.

Along with the barrage of the new and the usual services we’ve had new staff, a new office and new clients – in a nutshell things are taking off.

This means that we’re now in a position where we legally have to become VAT registered. So what does that mean for our clients ? Well not a great deal really if you are already VAT registered, it just means you’ll get to claim the VAT on our invoices back in your VAT calculation – Hoorah! If you are not VAT registered, it does mean you will see an additional 20% added to our monthly invoices which will be itemised as VAT. We are super sorry to those who are not VAT registered who will feel the impact of this change the most but sadly we are legally obliged to do this.

You will see VAT added to all invoices issued in November 2016 for work completed in October 2016.

It’s been a hell of a journey so far and we’re looking forward to doing more great work for you all. If you have any questions regarding this change, please email or call the office directly on 01904 373005.