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Our approach to SEO, PPC & CRO is profit led. That’s why Edge45® clients see greater revenue growth faster.

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Leasing more Range Rover Evoques than any other UK car lease firm
  • 121% increase in conversion rate
  • 3925% increase in organic leads
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Edge45® is a digital marketing agency based in York that helps businesses grow their online presence and profitability by providing expert analysis, actionable insights & training that make your website work harder for you.

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Why invest in digital marketing services that drive additional traffic to your site if the experience that additional traffic gets when they arrive isn’t as best as it could be? You want as much of that new traffic to convert. Thats why we don’t just lead the horses to water, we make as many of them drink as possible using PPC, CRO and SEO expertise. We grow your business online with digital marketing that works.

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“We are in this industry because we want to grow businesses.

It’s not just about getting people onto your website. It’s about making them convert. Edge45 has really been built on building these really strong relationships with clients.

It’s all about building trust with the client and then making, you know, a relationship that’s going to benefit both parties.

We work closely with the clients to identify the areas they want to focus on, the areas that are important to them, where they maybe get the best return, or where they’ve got new product.

Whether they want more brand visibility, whether they want more, sort of, e-commerce sales, whether they want more conversions, you know, we customize it to them, not just this is what you can expect, this is what you’re gonna get at the end of it.

We’re very transparent in what we’re doing. The communication is great with the client. They know what we’re working on, what we’re prioritizing.

We always get results for our clients. I’ve not worked in a client yet where we haven’t improved rankings and sales. We like our clients. One of the main reasons that we have got a lot of York-based clients is that we care about the local, you know, industry. We care about local businesses, and we want them to succeed. And if they succeed, then it helps us succeed.”

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We recognise that the best results, success and customer satisfaction for organisations are realised only when the well-being of its people is prioritised. Industry leading achievement is driven by happy, healthy and highly skilled employees who deliver the best results every day.
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