2.14 billion shoppers purchased products or services through a Shopify website as of 2023.

Where any of them your customers or did you miss out because your Shopify SEO was poor?
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Why SEO is important for Shopify

Like any website, one built on Shopify will only be found if you optimise and promote it. Whether you choose to do this through paid, email or organic marketing channels depends on a variety of factors. The crucial thing to know is that a solid Shopify SEO strategy can help people to easily find it, while providing a long-lasting foundation to drive organic traffic to your website for years to come. Organic search has the second highest conversion rate of all marketing channels on Shopify.[1]

With a range of products, collections and sub- collections on Shopify websites, it’s important to have a strong hierarchy, clear navigation structure and optimise copy to help direct people to the right pages when they’re searching for products. We know the intent behind different search terms and can make sure people land on the correct page on your Shopify store.


Is Shopify good for SEO?

While Shopify isn’t the best ecommerce platform for SEO, that doesn’t mean you can’t optimise your website and have it rank well. For example, with Shopify, you might struggle to add structured data to your site without using an app, creating sub-collection pages with SEO value means going into the code, and sitemaps cannot be easily edited.

What you’ll need is a good Shopify SEO agency to help you work around any restrictions and get the most out of this platform. Whether this is dealing with canonicalization issues, improving URL structures, or creating tagged pages to add optimised content to using the CMS code.

As an esteemed ecommerce SEO firm, we will make Shopify work for you.

Created Brilliance saw a 166% growth in sales after partnering with Edge45® for Shopify SEO services.

Our Shopify SEO Service: Why choose Edge45 ®?

Like all our SEO work, our Shopify SEO services are focused on getting results. And with ecommerce, results mean sales.

Having worked with Shopify for a number of years, we know how to set up a store on this platform that will rank well, how to optimise a current store and how to develop work arounds using Shopify’s code to make the sometimes inflexible CMS do what you want it to.

In fact, we’ve helped our clients to transform their retail websites into traffic driving, high converting shop fronts.

The graph below shows the 2-year period we worked with a high-end retailer, helping them to increase sales by 166%.

Revenue in Sales
Month Year
Shopify SEO client Always Personal has made impressive gains with Edge45's growth strategy
Increase in transactions
Increase in average order value
Increase in e-commerce conversion rate (3% to 7.3%)

“We researched lots of agencies online and were keen to avoid one-man band freelancers, as accountability was important to us. We needed an established Shopify SEO agency with a proven track record that did things the right way.

We’d heard some horror stories from other businesses we knew where shortcuts had been taken to deliver results quickly. Search engine quality guidelines were breached, which lead to their businesses being punished and them winding up in a worse situation than when they first started.

“The problem was, however, that bigger, more established agencies tended to be uber expensive and not justifiable to us, given the brand wasn’t particularly profitable when we first took it on.”

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Our clients who use Shopify have all had different demands. Some have asked us to us it in combination with various Shopify apps to help design navigation systems that are both SEO and user friendly.

Others have needed us to adapt built in Themes and create tagged collection pages on which we could add SEO-optimised copy.

The Edge45® Shopify SEO Process

At Edg45®, we can adapt our ecommerce SEO strategies to the Shopify platform to help drive traffic and revenue over months and years.
This includes a thorough onboarding process that involves a technical audit of your Shopify website, content audits, and in-depth discussion on your business priorities.
We cover:

  • Shopify Audits: We will check your Shopify’s technical set up, content quality and ability to convert.
  • Keyword research: We will carry out full keyword research looking at what you’re currently ranking for, key terms around your core offerings, and what you competitors are ranking for. We’ll develop an ecommerce content strategy using these findings as a guide.
  • CRO: Once we’ve driven people to your site using our SEO tools, we also want to help them to convert easily. We will look at conversion rate optimisation to make the journey within the Shopify ecosystem easier – from discover to purchase.
  • Strategy: All of the above findings will be developed into a Shopify SEO strategy including easy to understand recommendations and actionable advice that will get your online store ranking quickly.

Our Shopify SEO services

  • Full Shopify Website Audits

    We will check your Shopify site’s technical set up, content quality and ability to convert. This could be how you’re organising products, what’s on your category pages or what messaging you have regards returns and delivery.
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  • Keyword Research

    We’ll carry out full keyword research looking at what you’re currently ranking for, key terms around your core product offerings, and what you competitors are ranking for. We’ll develop an ecommerce content strategy using these findings as a guide.
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  • CRO

    Once we’ve driven people to your Shopify site using our SEO tools, we also want to help them to convert easily. We’ll look at Shopify conversion rate optimisation to make the journey from discovery to purchase a smooth one and maximise sales for you.
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  • Strategy

    All of the above findings will be developed into a strategy based on your needs and the Shopify platform including easy to understand recommendations and actionable advice that will get your online store ranking quickly.
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Shopify SEO Checklist


  • Thin content: Expand thin content using your distinct tone of voice.
  • Duplicate content: Check for duplicated content as this can impact rankings.
  • Irrelevant content: Remove or re-write any content that’s not relevant to your core offering.
  • Poor quality content: Fact check and check for typos and grammar issues to improve content.
  • Page titles: Optimise all page titles and any sub-headings for search using keyword research as a guide

Site Structure

  • Site hierarchy: Make sure your site hierarchy makes the most important pages easy to find at the top of the hierarchy, and the other pages are linked correctly so they can pass on SEO value.
  • Navigation: Make sure your on-page navigation and menu represent your site and are optimised for search.
  • Sitemap: Once your hierarchy and navigation is locked down, submit your sitemap to Google.
  • URL structure: Your URL structure should reflect your website’s structure.
  • Internal linking: To help people move around and Google to discover how pages are connected, add in internal linking.


  • Schema: Make sure to add the correct Schema, especially Product page schema.
  • Canonicalization: Check your URLs point to the right master page to avoid duplicated content
  • Robot.txt: Customise your robot.txt to make sure your site is crawled and indexed effectively.
  • Security: Check your site’s security protocols are up to date and live.

Themes and Plugins

  • Speed: Your Theme should be fast loading to help keep your Page Speed loading quick.
  • Adaptability: Chose a Theme that can adapt with you as a business, so you’re not having to change your whole website every few months.
  • SEO Apps: Shopify has a number of plugins – called Shopify Apps – that are specifically aimed at improving SEO. It’s worth looking through the list to see which best suits your site.
  • Product reviews apps: You can also install apps that allow product reviews to be connected to specific products.


  • Setting up GA and GSC: Set up your Search Console and Google analytics accounts and make sure they are integrated with Shopify for more useful data.
  • Using Shopify’s own tools: Shopify has a number of analytic tools as well that are worth checking to give you snapshots of sales, users and traffic source.


Meet Edge45's Shopify SEO Experts

Our Shopify SEO services are only as good as the people we employ which is why Edge45 is proud to employ some truly exceptional Shopify SEO experts. From small 'mom & pop' Shopify clients to giant retail behemoths on a global scale.
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Shopify SEO FAQs

Does Shopify do SEO for you?

While there are some SEO features built into Shopify, to get the most from it from an SEO point of view you’ll need to do a lot of the work yourself. Or hire an SEO agency with Shopify experience to guide you.

Do Shopify sites rank well?

The CMS of a site – whether that’s Shopify or WordPress – doesn’t impact it from ranking well. How the website is managed and set up within that CMS does. A well-set up Shopify site has every chance of ranking well.

Do tags in Shopify help with SEO?

Tags can be useful to organise content but they don’t tend to have a direct impact on your ability to rank.

How do I create a SEO website on Shopify?

Shopify is used for ecommerce websites. To make sure these are optimised for search is an in-depth process that covers a range of factors. If you are unfamiliar with either SEO or Shopify itself, it’s best to speak to an expert.

Which SEO is better WordPress or Shopify?

It tends to be easier to implement SEO strategies on WordPress sites but unless you have a plugin, WordPress isn’t great for ecommerce.

Is Shopify 2.0 better for SEO?

Yes, Shopify 2.0 themes are easier to manipulate and customise, making them better for SEO. It can also improve site speed and allow a larger range of API integrations to help boost SEO.

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