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What is a content audit?

A content audit is a vital part of any content marketing strategy as it analyses any content you have on your website to find where improvements need to be made. Any content audit will involve:

  1. Finding what you have through content cataloguing and categorisation.
  2. Analysing your content through various metrics to see what’s performing and what’s not
  3. Recommending the improvements that need to be made

Why do a content audit?

We carry out SEO content audits to better understand a website and to discover easy ways to help it rank better, reach its desired audience faster and provide a clearer path to conversions.

Many websites are built over years, with new services added, weekly blogs and an everchanging roster of products. This means that sometimes the content can start to feel disjointed, out of date or irrelevant to your current offering and audiences.

You might have dated blogs, service pages that don’t hit current EEAT guidelines or product pages that aren’t mobile-friendly.

A content audit is carried out to help find any issues and suggest where changes can be made as part of a content marketing strategy.

Be Helpful. Be Experts. Be Relevant

More and more, Google is looking for highly original, relevant and helpful content. Through the Helpful Content Update and its E-E-A-T (Experience – Expertise – Authority – Trustworthiness) guidelines, it is putting the focus on websites to provide content of the highest quality.

At Edge45, we are constantly keeping up to date with Google’s everchanging requirements. And add any new recommendations into our audits.

But in the end, what Google – and your audience – wants and needs is content that helps them to do what they need to do in the easiest way possible. And that’s what our content audits can help your sites to do.

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A content audit is one of the best steps you can take to improve your content marketing strategy.
The truth is the content you’ve already created is just as valuable as anything you’re yet to create, possibly more so. Optimizing it just a little bit could result in thousands of dollars more in revenue.

Our Content Audits

  • User journey audit

    This aims to discover if you have the right content for the right stages of a user’s journey down the content funnel. Does your content match the user intent at all stages of their buyer journey?
  • E-E-A-T audit

    E-E-A-T is a major factor in how Google determines the quality of a site – and a relatively new series of metrics to audit a site against.
  • Content performance audit

    We use a variety of data sources and 14 metrics to determine how your content is performing in terms of users, engagement, rankings and more.
  • Content gap analysis

    This content audit compares your site to your competitors to see what topics you’re failing to address in your informational content offering.
  • On page content audit

    This is a 30-point checklist that looks at the quality of your current content. We cover how well it reads, is it optimised for search, does it help people move to where they need to be and does it hit best practices for online reading.

From our base in York, we have been delivering content marketing services to our trusted clients for almost a decade. Serving businesses in both the UK and beyond, we have helped drive record ROI by boosting the content performance of their websites.

Here’s what our clients have to say about us:

The team’s digital marketing skills are second to none. We have such confidence in all their technical SEO advice, and we are already seeing great improvements through our marketing strategy thanks to Edge45®!

Javier De La Hormaza, CEO, Basco Fine Foods

Content Audit FAQS

How long does a content audit take?

We usually carry out a content audit as part of our initial discovery phase. This takes place in the first week once you’ve signed on. Like many things in SEO and online, a lot depends on the size and complexity of your site.

What are the outputs of a content audit?

Each audit has different outcomes but usually you’ll receive several actionable recommendations on how to improve your site’s content provided with the actions with the highest impact first.

What happens after a content audit?

Once we have the findings of any audit, we’ll pull them together into actionable recommendations. This could be in the form of wireframes for new service pages, checklists to improve content product or an in-depth content marketing plan for the next 6 months.

How often should you carry out a content audit?

We always carry our content audits out when onboarding a client. Then we might return to the audits every 6 months or yearly, depending on how much content has changed.

Is social media covered in your content audits?

We can adapt our audit templates to cover social media channels, Amazon product listings, ecommerce sites and B2B sites to help provide a content strategy for all website types.

What tools are used in a content audit?

We have access to a range of leading SEO and content tools including Screaming Frog, SEMRush, Ahrefs, Google Data Studios, and more.

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