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Online Content Marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote a business.

That's why 70% of marketers actively invest in it.
Hubspot State of Marketing Report 2021

While old school marketing tactics still work to some degree, their effectiveness is rapidly being usurped by a still relatively new kid on the block: Content Marketing.

Content Marketing moves away from the ‘hard sell’ to a subtler, more sophisticated approach; a technique that marries perfectly with today’s fast-moving digital world. Initially focusing more on the customer than the business, Content Marketing offers a frictionless entry point into your company’s sales funnel, moving prospective clients one step closer to buying your product or service.

The real beauty of Content Marketing, however, is the fact that it can, when done correctly, serve a dual purpose. Not only will it introduce your business to new people, it’ll also help attract links from other websites, too, which is an essential component to any well-thought-out digital marketing strategy.

In short, consistently providing prospects with relevant, shareable, useful content should be the cornerstone of your marketing efforts if you want to get ahead of your competitors, but it needs to be done correctly…

Creating Captivating Content

Here at Edge45®, we not only know why this form of marketing works, we also know how to produce attention-grabbing content that is insightful and helpful. Easy and enjoyable to consume, our content is extremely shareable too, broadening your reach and widening your audience in the process.

Journalists and influencers alike are faced with a daily search for exciting content to support their own work and help capture their audience’s hearts and minds…and our content does just that. Our team of creatives will help your business produce high-quality content that actually has a reason for being, rather than simply filling another worthless page on yet another tumbleweed blog.

The work we produce provides readers with something new and exciting, encouraging both engagement and exploration. We create assets here, not mere articles, which result in easier outreach and a far greater number of top tier links to your web property, all of which boost rankings and brand awareness.

The Process

Planning a successful Content Marketing strategy is a multifaceted affair. Creativeness meets attentiveness here, so we’ll spend a great deal of time researching your brand and target audience to ensure the work we publish is on point and highly relevant. Our team will traverse the ever-changing news landscape and investigate trending topics to ensure we are delivering media-friendly content that simultaneously makes headlines and heightens your profile.

Our extensive list of contacts, which ranges from traditional media to high-profile members of the blogosphere, also means our PR team can predict with confidence what will work and what will not in any given field. Broad pre-outreach communications with journalists, influencers, and webmasters is key here, and our impressive contact list allows us to move toward the creative stage secure in the knowledge that the widest possible audience will be reached.

That audience, however, is not just about maximising numbers. We ensure your campaign will boost profitability by focusing on assets that deliver commercial outcomes. Whether this is in the form of infographics, apps, visual assets, or straightforward blogging depends on our research, but the end goal here is traffic for profit, not just improved web metrics.

Our Online Content Marketing services include:

  • Data driven pieces

    Data driven content uses research and analytics to create interesting content that is highly shareable and relevant to your target audience.
  • Survey led campaigns

    Gathering first-hand data from a target audience reveals insights and tells stories that can boost lead generation and your brand's exposure in the eye of the public.
  • Interviews/Advice pieces

    Interviews with niche authority figures and advice from experts in a particular field can boost your own authority, as well as gain wide-ranging coverage.
  • Reactive

    Timing is everything when it comes to 'newsjacking'. Take advantage of current events or news stories to promote your brand.
  • Outreach

    We understand journalist's motivations and what they are likely to feature or pick up so your content and brand features in national media and gets the most eyeballs.
  • Research, analysis, ideation and story creation

    We understand journalist's motivations and what they are likely to highlight or pick up on, so your content and brand will feature in national media and get the most eyeballs.
  • Statistical analysis, trend-spotting and data visualisation

    We ensure your campaign will boost profitability by focusing on assets that deliver commercial outcomes using data that reveals interesting and highly shareable insights.
  • Creative, campaign-focused microsites

    Creating focused content for the web is the most sought-after practice today if you want to engage your audience, which is why microsites are brilliant for promoting individual products, events, or campaigns.
  • Blogging, data journalism and editorial

    Compelling content, whether it's in written or data form, that tells a story.
  • Dynamic infographics

    Allow users to discover information on their own by scrolling, clicking, unfolding, panning, and zooming over data-rich, visually compelling and engaging interactive infographics.
  • Animated video and voice over

    Professionally created video can elevate your brand to the next level, but it's easy to get wrong and do more harm than good. We'll help you nail it first time, every time.
  • Fully managed press release service

    Ensure your message is heard, read, and viewed as you intended…and by the right audience.

So, if you’re looking to improve your online presence and give your marketing game an edge, give Edge45® Digital Marketing Agency a call today.


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