We work to live, not live to work

Let’s be honest; if we didn’t have to work, we wouldn’t, right? There are a multitude of things we’d rather be doing, from simple socialising through to scouring this beautiful planet of ours, but you need at least a few quid in your pocket to do all that good stuff.

So, we go to work.

The thing is, though, work needn’t be filled with drudgery and dread. Work can actually be fun…seriously!

Hello, Monday!

Here at Edge45®, we’ve struck a handsome balance. Our employees bounce into work (even on Mondays) and our colleagues are more than just workmates…they’re real mates! Our company ethos goes way beyond the office door as well. We’ll look after you, your partners and loved ones…even your pets!

Jumping on board the good ship Edge45® is way more than simply taking a job…you’ll go on a journey with us, one where we all learn and grow along the way.

All aboard!

New starters at Edge45®

Coming to a small agency is a great way for anyone to develop their career, whether it's of myself who has been in the industry for many years, to the beginners who come on as maybe a writer or an SEO executive.

I think you can expect to receive a lot of training and you're working with a lot of people that have been there and done that in a lot of other agencies. I think that's the real special thing about this place is you've got a real blend of people that are in different points in their career but they've got a lot of different things to bring to the table.

You're expected to work hard, you're expected to give it 100%, but there's also a lot of support behind that as well. So if you feel like there's something stopping you from achieving that, there's lots of people around and lots of opportunities to get the help that you need.

And straight away we look at stuff like, okay, where are your skills, where are your gaps?

You'll learn a lot, you've got flexibility here as well, you're trusted with your work, you're not micro-managed.

So at Edge, we may take somebody on to go in technical for example, but we'll also be developing them in different areas of the business so that they get a full idea really of what else there is to offer.

Not Convinced?

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Here’s our purpose:

We believe the best results, success, and customer satisfaction can only be realised when the well-being of our people is prioritised.

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And our vision:

Industry leading achievement and recognition, all driven by happy, healthy, highly skilled employees delivering the best possible results, every single day.

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And finally, our mission:

Edge45® will implement strategic measures to protect and enhance well-being within the workplace, thus enabling our people to reach, if not exceed, their full potential.

What We Stand For

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We Innovate

We give clients the highest return on investment using a profit led approach that challenges the norm. We lead where others follow.

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We Care

We get the best results because every client matters far more to us than just a mere number on a balance sheet.

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We Excel

Granular, exacting and obsessive in every detail. Our engineering DNA ensures we excel far beyond client expectations.

The Edge45® way works

We’ve seen triple-digit growth over the last year, and we’re just getting started. With one of the lowest client churn rates in the industry and an exceptionally high staff retention rate, our approach is defining a new era of work that puts people first.

We empower our employees to think big and produce great work by offering a positive environment and outstanding perks.

Day-to-day, you’ll enjoy a relaxed culture with killer views and unconditional happiness. You’ll do your best work, work your hardest, but there will be plenty to celebrate and be recognised for.
Along the way, we’ll have a lot of fun!


We recognise the role our people play in Edge45®’s continuing move towards the pinnacle of our industry. As such, our range of perks and benefits prioritises and rewards them and their diligence.

Let’s look at the three L’s:

  • Loot

    The hiring landscape has changed considerably over the last decade and here at Edge45® we know that remuneration isn’t the be-all and end-all for top performers…but it does still matter.

    That’s why we provide:

    • Salary milestones outlined at job offer
    • Individual & Team Performance Bonuses
    • Company Pension
    • Refer a Friend £250 Bonus
    • New Business Referral Bonus
  • Learning

    Whether it’s through knowledge sharing or direct investment in our staff, we’re fully aware of the importance of ongoing learning in terms of team happiness and growth.

    Here at Edge45®, you’ll have access to:

    • Learning allowance
    • Book Library
    • Positive environment with open communication
    • Free access to paid learning resources online
  • Life

    There’s life at work and life outside of work. We want everyone to be healthy, travel often, get to give time back, and have the financial resources and support they need. With all this in mind, Edge45® offer:

    • Flexible Working Hours
    • Ability to work from home
    • 33 Days Annual Holiday (Including Bank Holidays)
    • Paid sick leave
  • Extras

    We believe the above should be standard across every workplace (even though it clearly isn’t!), but we go beyond that and offer our hires additional reasons to join, and stay with, Edge45®:

    • Fabulous central city location overlooking the river Ouse
    • Beer Fridays
    • Lots of gaming
    • Board games, too!
    • Employee driven team building activities
    • Long-term service rewards
    • Special achievement recognition
    • Birthday Bonus – The longer you are with us, the better the reward


And finally, we know that in order to produce your best work, you’re going to need the best kit, so we supply team members with the very best office technology, including triple-monitor set-ups on gaming PCs.

It’s just another reason to come and join us here at Edge45®.

Don’t see what you are looking for? Send Us Your CV!

We’re always on the lookout for outstanding people, especially those who are driven, dynamic, dependable, and delightful to be around. If you have a SEO, PPC or CRO background, or want to become an expert in any of these disciplines, send a CV and covering letter below.

We’d love to talk…even if your area of expertise isn’t listed here right now.

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