A technical SEO Audit is to a website what a service is to a car.

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What is a technical SEO audit?

A technical SEO audit looks at your website’s technical health and how that impacts its ability to rank for keywords. It will check that your site is optimised for all types of search engines. A technical SEO audit can cover a range of website factors such as:

  • Crawling and indexing: How Google accesses and discovers your website, making sure all pages you want indexed for search are indexed.
  • On-page health: This covers how your page is structured, H1s and titles tags, images, meta descriptions, and content duplication.
  • Page speed: How fast your page loads for users – it’s one of the most important ranking factors for Google.
  • Mobile checks: While your website may look great on a big screen, how does it look and perform on a mobile device.

These are just some of the areas our technical SEO audit services will cover. We will also look at the fine details such as crawl errors, robot.txt, hreflang errors, canonical tags, pagination, parameter handling and more.

Our technical SEO audit service: Why choose Edge45®

At Edge45, technical SEO is what we do. Day in, day out. And at the core of that service is our technical SEO audit. Our 200-point audit is run for all clients to help discover a website’s overall health, allowing us to provide a roadmap to success.

Our technical SEO audit service has been used with countless clients – from national ecommerce companies to specialist B2B firms. We can adapt our audit to suit your website – whether you’ve got 10 pages or 10 million pages.

And we’ll present the results back to you in an easy-to-understand way with clear and measurable actions to help restore your website’s health.

Our expert technical SEO audit team have been auditing websites for the past 15 years. And our technical SEO audit has adapted and evolved as Google has moved the goalposts. But at its core, we look at what makes websites work – for you, for Google and for your audience.

Our Process: How we Carry out a Technical SEO Audit

We use a 200-point technical site audit covering all technical aspects of your website that could impact its ability to rank and drive important organic traffic.

We use a variety of technical SEO audit tools including:

Our expert technical SEO team also carries out manual checks to your site to provide you with our advanced technical SEO audit.

Once we have access to your website, we’ll usually ask for access to your analytic tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Using a combination of these tools and our manual checks, we’ll go through our checklist to find and record any technical issues.

This list of fixes discovered through our website technical audit is run through our P.I.E. scoring system:

  • Potential – Does the fix have potential to help you hit your goals?
  • Importance – Is it a priority page?
  • Ease – How easy is it to implement?

This provides us with a “website health” score we can use to benchmark technical health and report against. Using the above scoring system, we group the fixes and recommendations into categories: Quick Wins, High-, Medium-, or Low-priority.

As a client, an easy-to-follow technical SEO audit report will be presented back to you looking at what needs to be done over an agreed time period – usually the next 3-6 months. Each action will have an owner, whether that’s the team at Edge45, a third party developer or someone in your internal team.

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Benefits of Technical SEO Audits

A website is a big beast – often with tens of thousands of pages, redirects, ever-changing menus and more. You need to keep on top of its technical health.

While many companies might have someone in charge of the website, they might not have the SEO skills or the free time to carry out a full audit.

A technical SEO audit helps pull all these issues and fixes into one easy-to-action output. We can help you to find those quick wins that could push your pages on to page one or discover some more fundamental issues that are blocking Google from crawling your website successfully.

You’ll get a plan that you can implement to help Google better understand your website, make crawling more efficient, help resolve indexing issues, and improve your core web vitals.

Meet Our Edge45 Technical SEO Auditors

Between them, Colm, Mike and James have almost 40 years collective experience analysing and fault finding technical SEO issues on some of the largest, complex sites for some of the most recognisable brand names. Whether it is Colm, Mike or James performing your Technical SEO Audit, you can be sure they will get to the bottom of any and all issues for you and provide the correct remedial actions to get your website firing on all cylinders at the top of the SERPs.

Colm Docherty

Colm has been working within the SEO industry since 2006, having first cut his teeth learning SEO to grow the leading Event Theming company in the UK. Tours at WMG followed by Search Laboratory has seen him work on clients including Superdry, Axa & Kopparberg. With a first class Masters in Engineering, his mind is tuned for complex analysis & problem solving. As such, Colm's area of expertise within Technical SEO Audits is diagnosing why website's don't rank when everything is seemingly as it should be. If there is a problem to be found, Colm will find it.

Mike Gomez

Mike has been in SEO for over 16 years working on clients including Pets at Home, Wren Kitchens & Royal Carribean. Hailing from the esteemed SEO agencies Ephipany (now Jaywing) & Blueclaw, Mike's unique strength is his deep understanding of coding languages & frameworks & how they can impact the SEO performace of a website. Mike's technical SEO experience allows him to find & diagnose issues most won't & then work closely with development teams to ensure problems are fixed, future-proofed & identified opportunities leveraged.

James Walker

James' experience in SEO is 13 years and counting having spent his SEO career with Ephiphany before bringing his technical SEO experience to Edge45®. James has worked with & developed impressive results for clients such as Irwin Mitchell & Euro Car Parts to name just a few. James has an uncanny knack for being able to recite on demand the status of the latest Google Core Algorithm update & what that particular update was targeting making him an invaluable member of the Technical SEO audit services team.

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Our Technical SEO Audit Services

  • Technical SEO Consultants

    Technical SEO is constantly evolving which might make it difficult for an in-house marketing team to get it right. That's where we step in. Our technical SEO consultants can offer guidance and advice -- or take over on-site implementations. Your choice.
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  • Technical SEO Audits

    If your website is not search engine friendly, your business’s online visibility is limited. We'll conduct comprehensive technical SEO audits, identify key issues holding your site back, & create a bespoke technical SEO strategy to maximise your business's visibility.
    Find out more
  • SEO Friendly Website Migrations

    We've perfected our site migration framework into an exact science! Our precise technical SEO process for website migrations ensures that when you make the big switchover, you can sleep easy knowing your website rankings are rock solid.
    Find out more
  • Structure & Architecture Review

    As a specialist technical SEO company we will analyse your website thoroughly to establish its optimal site structure. Our experience mapping out the ideal architecture for websites ensures that search engines are crawling and indexing the content that matters most.
  • SEO Content Revamp

    If your website has problems with thin or duplicate content, fear not. Our team of SEO copywriters brings more than 25 years of experience fostering businesses' success online with high-quality content geared towards your target audience.

From our base in York, we have been delivering technical SEO Audits to our trusted clients for almost a decade. Serving businesses in both the UK and beyond, we have helped drive record ROI by boosting the technical performance of their websites.

Here’s what our audit clients have to say about us:

The team’s digital marketing skills are second to none. We have such confidence in all their technical SEO audit advice, and we are already seeing great improvements through our marketing strategy thanks to Edge45®!

Javier De La Hormaza, CEO, Basco Fine Foods

Technical SEO Audit FAQS

What does a technical SEO audit include?

The Edge45 Technical SEO Audit will look at everything from your H1’s to redirects, from core web vitals to pagination. Call us to discuss our full 200-point SEO audit process now.

What is technical SEO analysis?

Once we have carried out the technical audit, we analyse the results. Some actions might need to be implemented right away while others are lower priority. We use SEO analysis to make the audit results into an action plan that suits you.

How long does an SEO technical audit take?

We usually carry out our tech SEO audit in the first month. The audit itself can take a week to run, then we need to analyse the results.

How much does an SEO audit cost?

How big and complex is your website? Usually, we include the technical audit as part of an SEO retainer, so it is costed into that. But if you just want the audit and results, we can quote you a price based on the size and complexity of your website.

Are technical SEO audits worth it?

If you’re having issues with your website’s ranking and you can’t understand why, then a quality and thorough technical SEO audit is vital – especially if you don’t have anyone with SEO skills in your team.

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