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8 seconds is all you have to grab someone's attention and convince them to try your product or service *

If you cannot quickly convince visitors that your product will make their lives better, they may never try it.
* Attention Span Statistics, Source: National Center for Biotechnology information, April 2015
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Copywriter York? Edge45® has got you covered

Copywriting is powerful. It is far more than simply tapping a few words onto a page and hitting publish; it is an art form – the art of persuasion. The standard of writing on your website can leave a customer thinking either buy or bye, it’s as simple as that.

Many business owners make the mistake of writing their own web copy, only to wonder at a later date why their website is under-performing. Bland copy can be fatal to a business, which is why we always emphasise its importance.

If you are looking for copywriting services, York based Edge45® has a skilled team of copywriters experienced in the art of quality copywriting.

A matter of trust

Gaining trust online can be tough. Prospective customers have very little to go on when they first land on your site, especially if they’ve had no dealings with your company before. First impressions count.

The quality of your web copy is one of the first indicators of reputability they will see, and it will help you gain their trust. Get it wrong, however, and that prospective customer will be a prospect no more. After all, would you trust a website riddled with typos, bad English and bad grammar?

Example: Which description sells more perfume?

1) This expensive and complicated composition was created by the perfume house to be worn with confidence. No.1 for women is both extravagant and sophisticated. Bergamot, lime, mandarin and white peach essence combine with Indian jasmine, which has long been considered and exotic and powerful aphrodisiac since antiquity. ’Rosa centifolia’ with which the ancient Greeks associated Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, art and creativity, and ’santalum album’ oil, ancient sandalwood. Which has a sacred 4,000 year history, to create the perfume No. 1.

2) Clive Christian’s uniquely sophisticated scent is liquid art. Composed of only the finest natural ingredients, this thoroughly feminine fragrance is officially recognised as the world’s most expensive perfume, and for good reason. Tantalising top notes of bergamot, cardamom, plum and pineapple combine beautifully before subtle traces of the Orient excite the senses with heart notes of ylang ylang, orris, jasmine, orchid and rose. Vanilla, cedar wood, tonka seeds and sandalwood form the base notes, providing the perfume with an unrivalled richness and depth. Clive Christian describes No.1 as ‘the perfume of my heart’, and we’re sure that this delightful example of British luxury will capture yours too.

Hook ’em, and hook ’em fast

It takes the average web surfer eight seconds to decide whether or not they are going to stick around once they hit your site. Eight. Measly. Seconds.

If you can’t capture their attention within that short space of time they’re gone, and more often than not they’re gone for good. Many companies fall short here simply because they fail to convey what they are all about quickly enough.

That’s where our copywriting service in York can be a huge help. We’ll capture your clients’ attention and keep them on the page, while persuading them that your company is the right fit for their needs.

Jargon busting

Cutting out jargon is one of the key benefits of hiring a professional copywriter. You may be fully immersed in your chosen field and have a handle on all of the latest buzzwords and terminology, but a customer may not have your knowledge.

It is for this reason that jargon heavy text is unappealing. In fact, it can be downright boring. The majority of people would much rather have things laid out in an easy to understand, conversational manner. Thankfully, our York copywriting service can help you get your point across in plain English.

Great copy takes time

In order to create high quality copy that converts prospects into customers, you are going to need something that the majority of business owners simply do not have enough of – time.

Writing copy can be extremely time-consuming, and, if you don’t know what you’re doing, that time can be easily wasted. As a business owner, there are probably a million other things that need your undivided attention, so allow us to remove the burden of writing tantalising text from your shoulders.

Present a list of website improvements to a business owner and the chances are that if one thing is going to dropped it will be copywriting.

Why is that? Well, for starters, everyone fancies themselves as Dickens from time to time, but it is usually another reason that really makes them skimp – they view copywriting as an expense. This is a mistake; a great big whopping mistake, to be precise.

You see, a professional copywriter has the ability to actually earn you more money. Investing in your copy will pay dividends later on, dividends that will make the initial cost inconsequential. Well-structured copy will help your website perform better, and a better performing website is the key to online success.

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Copywriting by Edge45®

Our approach to copywriting is simple: create thoroughly thought out copy that helps your business gain more business. No more, no less.

We can step back from your company and see the bigger picture, focusing on your customers’ needs. When you’re so close to your business it is often the case that you’ll write for yourself, not for the customer. We can address that for you.

We’ll also save you the time and the hassle of creating great copy, capturing your company’s tone of voice whilst getting your message out to the world in a succinct and readable way.

And remember, we don’t have to be experts in your line of business to create copy that’ll convert for you. So, contact our York copywriters today to find out more about what a copywriting overhaul can do for your business & discover why Edge45® is the only copywriter York businesses are talking about.

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What makes our copywriting different?

We understand business, and our copy has one aim – to make you more money.


By dealing with our agency and copywriter, York based businesses can maintain a consistent voice throughout their content marketing strategy. This is vital when building a brand as people relate to companies that can show consistency in the way they present themselves.

Copywriting is a vital component to a successful website. Without it you can baffle, bewilder and bore a visitor into clicking the back button, sending them straight into the arms of  your rivals.

If you are investing in SEO services, good copy is even more vital. It helps convert more of the additional traffic generated by SEO and maximises the return on your SEO investment.

Edge45® can create copy that converts even the coldest of prospects by speaking their language. We’ll find out what makes them tick – then we’ll tickle their fancy!

So, if you are looking for the best copywriter York offers, contact Edge45®’s York copywriters today and let us make your copy work for you.

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