Boutique Bubbles For The Masses

The Fizz Company supply some of the best champagnes, proseccos, and other sparkling wines from around the world, with a twist: they focus on relatively undiscovered vineyards of exceptional quality, saving their customers a small fortune in the process.

Years of relationship building with boutique winemakers, and The Fizz Company’s founder’s passion for unearthing hidden gems, has resulted in the business becoming the UK’s leading supplier of carefully selected sparkling wines.

Breaking Into B2C Required Rebranding

The Fizz Company was a child offshoot of the Champagne Warehouse, set up by entrepreneur Tony Stones in 2000, to offer customers an alternative to the well-known, big brand champagnes. Their range had increased significantly to include other sparkling wines, such as prosecco and cava, and there was also a desire to break into the lucrative B2C market.

To better reflect the brand as it now stood and make it more accessible to a broader target audience, rebranding was necessary.

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Be Found, Be Trusted

“Our trade offering via Champagne Warehouse was built up through years of hard graft, building and developing relationships, and we didn’t really need a website.

We knew that for a B2C offering, however, a website would be crucial, and duly had one built. What we didn’t appreciate was that for people to visit it, it needed to be easily found online.”

Despite having an e-commerce site built on the popular Shopify platform, The Fizz Company’s online presence was lacking in a few key areas.

Possibly the biggest hurdle they had to overcome was the size of their already established competitors and their respective reputations. Companies such as Virgin Wines, Amazon, Drinks Direct, Tanners, Aldi, and more where all vying for the same audience.

The Fizz Company, at that time, had very little in the way of high-quality ranking positions on page one to drive traffic, and their value proposition was unclear to those who did manage to land on their site.

“We had a great brand, passion, and products that we believed in, but no one knew about it or understood what we were about.”

The Fizz Company Find Their Edge

The Fizz Company knew what they wanted, a Shopify SEO agency but didn’t know who could provide them with their desired results, so they did what everyone does these days…they jumped online and Googled it!

The Fizz Company Find Their Edge

“As we’re based in York, we started our search with ‘SEO agencies York‘ and started at the top. The very first result was Edge45®, so we were already encouraged and curious, but after reading their case studies on what they had done for Basco and Corking Wines, they had our attention.

We loved the fact the Edge45® concentrated on conversions as well as traffic; that’s what sold us on their services. After all, what good are visitors if they’re not buying anything?”

Helen Stones - Director, Fizz Company

Orchestrating Effervescent Explication

The kind of problems faced by The Fizz Company are what the Edge45® team thrive on. Deep analysis of issues such as theirs, and then the development of an implementable strategy, are what we’re all about.

As a strong technical seo agency, we quickly found the following:

What We Found

  • Poorly defined value proposition.
  • On-page user experience and navigation needed urgent attention.
  • Unstructured and untargeted copy.
  • Uninspiring offers aimed incorrectly at the wrong audience.
  • Missed opportunities to properly express their USP’s.
  • Customer fears, uncertainties, and doubts left unaddressed.
  • Numerous technical issues that were having a detrimental effect on SEO.

Our findings were quickly put to The Fizz Company who were keen to rectify the issues and move forward with our tailored plan of action.

A Sparkling Plan, Perfected

The epic size of the competitors standing between The Fizz Company and success meant that Edge45®’s strategy really had to sparkle, so we left no stone unturned.

Amongst a multitude of changes and tweaks, we conducted extensive keyword research and completely overhauled the website’s copy to better reflect the company’s new direction. Both category and product pages were rewritten and aimed squarely at the target audience.

Those same pages were also redesigned from the bottom up, with templates created to meet modern day SEO and CRO best practices. Without these changes, the whole sales funnel from entry to exit would have faltered.

The many technical issues were also addressed, fixing both user experience and the site’s attractiveness to search engine crawlers in the process.

A Cause For Celebration
YOY increase in organic new users
increase in page 1 rankings
increase in total keywords ranking

“Edge45® are fantastic to work with and I would definitely recommend them. They keep the customer informed of exactly what they are doing, and they are also professional and friendly.

We were in the doldrums and now we’re on page one for lots of searches. I have seen a significant increase in traffic and sales.”

If having read our SEO case study, you want to know more about how SEO might help you, visit our SEO services page here.