CEO & Founder

Colm Docherty

“If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.”

Colm is the founder, pioneer and architect of all that we do here at Edge45®. When he isn’t wading knee deep through data and theorising strategies, you’ll find him spearheading business development, evaluating performance and maximising workflow.

Having achieved a 1st class master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and with over 16 years marketing experience, Colm’s meticulous and systematic approach allows him to simplify and implement the most complex of concepts.

Outside of work he enjoys tinkering with 3d design, drumming along to ACDC and collecting a questionable amount of gaming memorabilia and is now becoming obsessed with AI Content Generation.

“With an obsessive eye for detail and a need for straight lines, even spacing and symmetry, I’m the kind of guy you’ll likely find aligning all the labels in a supermarket aisle when I should be shopping.”