It’s all about the angle…

45 degrees – The angle of trajectory at which something will travel the furthest possible distance. That’s what we aim to do with your online business, take it further by leveraging the latest digital marketing strategies so it works harder for you.

45 degrees – The angle of the revenue growth curves we like to return for clients with our approach to online marketing.

45 degrees gives us the edge on our competitors and gives you the edge on your competitors too.


Colin Docherty


Who is Edge45?

Edge45 is a Digital Marketing Agency in York that was founded by Colin Docherty in 2015.

Colin’s First Class Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Sheffield underpins the company ethos of bringing a logical and analytical approach to the world of Online Marketing.

Our team have worked as account managers and SEO Consultants for some of the largest digital marketing agencies in the country, and Edge45 represents the culmination of the insights and lessons learned in these companies.

You can view Colin’s full LinkedIn profile here for a full list of work experience, education, certifications, credentials, endorsements, testimonials & recommendations.

Meet the rest of the Edge45 team, we love what we do


Chris Lee

Content Creation & Outreach

Will Mitchell


Andy Canter

SEO Account Manager

Michael Hayes

Content Creation & Social

Edge45 In a nutshell:

When you invest in the services of Edge45, you are investing in our passion, commitment and personal pride in what we do. Our desire to achieve means delivery of results for every client that are tailored to their specific needs and goals.”

Why work with us?

Agency Marketing Expertise Without The Risk

We have several years online marketing experience working for some of the largest digital marketing agencies in the country.

Having managed a wide variety of accounts across a range of B2B and B2C sectors, we are proud to offer this knowledge & experience to help grow your business.

Best of all, you will not be committing to huge costs that are typically associated with marketing agencies. Edge45 gives you maximum value with minimal risk.

We’re An Extension Of Your Own Team

We work as closely as possible with our clients to the extent that it may feel like we’re an extension of your own team. You won’t have to fight through layers of call extensions to talk to us, and you won’t have to wait three months at a time to see us for face-to-face meeting.

We speak with all of our clients on at least a weekly basis to keep them informed of our progress & to ensure that things are moving forward. We also insist a face-to-face meeting with all clients at the onboarding stage to understand their business better.

Full of Passion, Pride & Commitment

We are passionate about what we do for a living and we pride ourselves on delivering the best results possible. Sense of achievement is what motivates us, which means that you will always get a level of service that goes beyond what you might normally expect.

We are committed to you and our own ongoing professional learning so we can continue to offer the most up to date and effective strategies & solutions for growth of your business.

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What others say

“Colin really knows his SEO and digital marketing stuff, he is a one of those rare breeds of technical web guys who can articulate things to clients clearly in a concise comprehensible language. I had the pleasure of working with Colin on several of the larger Search Labs accounts, all clients loved his in depth technical knowledge, results focus approach and overall detailed client account management.

He is a reliable “go-to man” for all things emerging in SEO, Social and digital marketing.”

John Readman, Director, Ride25

“I’ve been working with Colin for over 12 months and with a number of different clients. I can highly recommend the work he carries out, technically he is very capable, his attention to detail is fantastic and works though issues with a logical approach to solve problems and drive results. Doing a great job is massively important to Colin and its clear he cares about doing the best for the client’s website and business. I would have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Rob Powell, Director, Spike Digital

“I had the pleasure of working with Colin at Search labs. Colin is highly driven, enthusiastic, creative, focused and is a natural leader. Colin’s extensive SEO and digital marketing knowledge was a true asset to the team and helped us to reach our goals. I can honestly recommend Colin to anyone who is looking to build brand awareness, brand development or to succeed in the digital landscape.”

Kerry Beckett, Marketing Director, Disability Needs

“I had the privilege of working with Colin over a 12 month period. Whether during his Client Relationship or SEO Marketing roles, Colin has always executed at a very high standard with enthusiasm and commitment. As a Technical Account Manager, Colin was a true pillar during the critical brand development process of my start-up business. His efforts directly impacted on our world wide success. His ability to gather information and make strong decisions was greatly appreciated. You could always count on Colin for his judgment during the crucial times of a project. I would confidently recommend Colin to any company.”

Robert Bodill, Yvolution

“Whilst Colin’s Technical SEO ability is second to none, his Digital knowledge doesn’t stop there. His passion for all things Digital and enthusiasm to learn more isn’t something that you encounter every day. His drive to get results is always commended by both colleagues and clients and I can honestly say that I’d recommend him to anybody. It was a pleasure to be working with him and hope to do so again in the future.”

Jon Harper, Account Director, Twenty Six

“Colin is a determined and enthusiastic guy with a thirst for all things digital. He has a very technical mindset and understands what it takes to help a business succeed in the digital landscape. He’s got serious drive and ambition and is an all round good guy to work with.”

Ginny Deacon Elliot, Business Development Manager, Search Laboratory

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Colin. SEO is not an exact science, nor is it predictable. Colin’s determination and dedication to find solutions in the increasingly challenging ecommerce space is what sets him apart from most online marketers. The ability to pull together disparate bits of information and then process it in a quick and meaningful way is a valuable skill set – something which comes naturally to Colin.”

Fred Gray, SEO Manager, Jet2