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It's all about the angle

45 degrees – The angle of trajectory at which something will travel the furthest possible distance. That’s our aim for your business: to propel you forward, giving you that all important ‘edge’ over your competitors.

As experts in the digital marketing disciplines of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO Marketing), Paid Search (PPC), and Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), Edge45® will put your company on a flight path to success.

I am invisible

Who we are

20 years in the making

Edge45® is a Digital Marketing Agency in York. Despite being formed in April 2015, Edge45® has, in fact, been over 20 years in the making. Founder, Colm Docherty, is a qualified mechanical engineer with a lifetime of number crunching and problem solving behind him – skills perfectly suited to the world of online search.

Paired with a naturally analytical nature, Colm’s engineering expertise brought a fresh approach to the world of SEO, PPC, and CRO. However, after working amongst SEO consultants for a number of years at some of the largest agencies in the digital field, Colm saw a lot of room for improvement. Dismayed by the lack of common sense and transparency where the agency’s bottom line was put before clients, he felt there was a distinct gap in the digital marketing marketplace.

There had to be a better, more efficient, more ethical way of doing business.

Thus, Edge45® was born.

Fast forward to today and we now have a senior team of experts that have similar shared experiences who are invested in realising Colm’s passion to make Edge45® the best Search Agency.

Meet the team
Life at Edge45®

I've actually been at Edge45 for three and a half years now, which is actually the longest I've ever spent at a company, and the reasons for that are simple. They've trusted in me to really take ownership of the projects that I'm working on. I've received a ton of training. It's a really close-knit team of people, and it's one of those places where you just enjoy going to work.

Edge is a really fun agency to work at. It's a good close team. Everyone's gets involved. Everyone chips in. We've got some really interesting clients. You're not just sort of, you know, pigeonholed, and sort of like you are a writer. You are doing strategy, you are doing, you know, the technical side. Everyone does a bit of everything. So you learn really fast. Everyone's really supportive. So everyone's sort of...you know, if you need to figure out how to use a program or some software or a website, there's someone there who knows, and they will run you through it.

The hybrid working. So mix of coming into the office, mix of working from home, I've found that's a fantastic way of working. Throughout my days when I'm at home, I've got my head down, I'm getting through a lot of work, but equally coming into the office, you've got that strong family feel in the office, and everyone gets on really well.

It's not just, you know, work, work, work all the time. There are moments where you can relax a little bit, you can socialize a little bit, and that's really nice as well.

There is always that sort of community atmosphere. Like, there's always people in the office, and I think Colm and Jo have fostered a really nice sort of environment to work in. And everyone's that friendly and sort of positive, and, like, we play Mario Kart on lunch. It's a really nice environment to work in, in that, you know, you're not just a number, you are sort of a member of the team, and you feel special to work here.

How the Edge45® Way Will Give Your Business the Edge

By employing an analytical and logical methodology without the unnecessary jargon, we are able to build client relationships that last and deliver what every business owner wants: greater profits.

Our core values – Innovation, Excellence, and Care – are also fused with passionate, open, and honest communication, which is what makes us different and helps give our clients a clear edge over their competition.

We Innovate

While other agencies boast about rankings, we know that conversions and lead generation are what counts. Traffic and ranking positions are, after all, little more than vanity metrics if your profits remain stagnant.

We focus on actions that drive the highest return on investment for your business, which means innovation. If it hasn’t been done before, we’ll lead where others will follow.

Engineering the greatest profit for your business is what we’re all about.

We Excel

Our engineering DNA underpins a logical and analytical approach to the world of online marketing. We are thorough, granular and obsessive with every detail, ensuring we capitalise on opportunities others may miss.

Logical reasoning ensures the best strategies are formulated in the pursuit of excellence for clients; an exacting nature achieves maximum productivity with minimum time and expense wasted.

In short, Edge45® delivers excellence…and results that time and again exceed client expectations.

We Care

Edge45® has grown into the agency it is today by building trust and relationships. Every client matters, and each individual business means far more to us than a mere number on a balance sheet.

Building relationships applies to those who work for us, too. We recognise that our team members are integral to what we’re achieving here; their success is very much our success. That’s why we’re directly focused on the well-being of our people and commitment to creating a positive workplace culture.

By removing barriers that can impact employee health, both physical and mental, we encourage career progression and surpass customer expectations, delighting both those who work for us and those we work for.

We engineer greater profit for our clients

That’s why Edge45® clients see greater revenue growth. Faster.

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