Personalisation For Profits

Always Personal is a major supplier of gifts for special occasions and their collection of personalised presents is one of the largest available anywhere online. From glass chopping boards to sequin reveal photo cushions, all personalised to your own specification, it’s almost a given that you, or someone you know, owns an Always Personal product.

It’s All About Standing Out

Personalised gifts are incredibly popular, but you need to be seen in order to sell…and that was Always Personal’s problem.

Search engine results were being dominated by competitors in this highly competitive marketplace, and Always Personal’s bottom line was suffering as a result:

“The business was not profitable in its own right, which caused a self-fulfilling prophecy. Investment in marketing couldn’t be justified because the brand wasn’t making enough in the first place to vindicate such an investment.

“It was chicken and egg.”

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Solving The Problem...Without Breaking The Bank

“We researched lots of agencies online and were keen to avoid one-man band freelancers, as accountability was important to us. We needed an established agency with a solid reputation for SEO services, one that did things the right way.

We’d heard some horror stories from other businesses we knew where shortcuts had been taken to deliver results quickly. Search engine quality guidelines were breached, which lead to their businesses being punished and them winding up in a worse situation than when they first started.

“The problem was, however, that bigger, more established agencies tended to be uber expensive and not justifiable to us, given the brand wasn’t particularly profitable when we first took it on.”

Rob Harbord – Commercial & IT Director, D3 Office Group and Always Personal

Edge45®: The Perfect Partner With A Personal Touch

Edge45®’s approach to picking up Always Personal’s profits struck a chord with the company. They liked the fact that we went beyond talking about rankings and traffic in our pitch, concentrating instead on a dual strategy that also took conversions into consideration.

Yes, we’d increase traffic, but we’d also ensure that visitors actually bought something while they were there, too. This approach resonated with them greatly:

“The differentiator for us was how Edge45®’s approach didn’t focus solely on increasing traffic to the website. They would also look at what happens once traffic visited the site in order to maximise conversions.

Their confidence in their unique value proposition made it a no brainer for us to partner with them, and it was easy to make our case to the leadership team at Always Personal as a result.”

A Unique Solution For Always Personal

Edge45®’s team have extensive e-commerce experience, both through managing client accounts and running our own online businesses. We know what matters, and what matters is profits.

With this knowledge, we put together a clear, common sense, logical, robust, and comprehensive strategy to take Always Personal to the next level. One that reflected their company’s individual needs and requirements.

We looked at everything, from their photography and copy through to the clarity of their value proposition and expression of their USP’s. Coupled with our natural skills in SEO, CRO, and PPC, a plan was put in place.

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Strategic Steps To Success

Site restructure: Better classification of existing product ranges to leverage modern SEO techniques.

Our Personalised Plan Leads To Profitable Performance
Increase in transactions
Increase in average order value
Increase in e-commerce conversion rate (3% to 7.3%)
Year on year increase in organic revenue

Our Personalised Plan Leads To Profitable Performance

In the 11 months since Edge45® took over the account, there has been a 402% increase in revenue from organic traffic compared to the full 12 months of 2018.

On top of that, for every pound spent on SEO, Always Personal enjoy an ROI of £4.53.

  • E-commerce conversion rate increased by 146%, from 2.98% to 7.33%
  • Transactions up over 392%
  • Average order value has grown by 8.54%
Revenue (£)
Month / Year

The number of keywords ranking has increased massively, too:

Keyword PositionMonth Before Edge45®With Edge45® to date% Change
Top 32381800%
4 - 1017157824%
11 - 2068419516%
21 - 501551565910%
51 - 1002181585627%

“Historically, our revenue from the website has been fairly predictable and consistent in pattern from one month to the next, other than 2017 which was particularly bad and was the point at which we decided we needed expert assistance from an agency to understand why and what to do to improve it.

Only since partnering with Edge45® at the end of 2018 have we seen consistent and sizable month-on-month growth in monthly revenue. Not only that, but the figures we are hitting each month now always seem to be the best ever, with the latest month yet again a new campaign high.

“We have high hopes for November and December, our most lucrative months traditionally, and we’ve even had to revise our targets upwards thanks to Edge45®’s input and results.”

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