Fire And Security Firm Sounds The Alarm

Founded in 1993, BusinessWatch Group has gone on to become the UK’s fastest growing fire and security company. From their humble beginnings in Cambridgeshire, BusinessWatch now has offices across the UK, all offering high specification integrated fire and security solutions, and has recently been through a major investor buyout.

Tired Website Misses Key Market

BusinessWatch had a website that managed to look older than the company itself, and that was having a detrimental effect on their success online in two crucial areas:

  • Serving the wrong market: BusinessWatch’s old site was so heavily weighted towards the B2C market it wasn’t immediately apparent they dealt B2B customers at all! As the B2B market was more valuable to BusinessWatch, this required immediate attention.
  • Repelling search crawlers: The antiquated nature of the site, both in terms of design and technology, and the poor user experience visitors came up against meant it was being overlooked by search engine crawlers.
increase in new organic users for 2019 YTD over the same period in 2018.
Knowing Is One Thing, Certainty Is Another

“It was obvious we needed a fresher, more up to date website, but we weren’t confident that it would solve our declining website traffic and leads, or start winning us more of the B2B market we wanted to target.

The last thing any of us wanted was to make a major investment in a new website only to discover it made no tangible improvement.”

Nic Wilson-deRoze - Group Marketing Manager, Business Watch Group Ltd

Securing A Solid Solution

Despite knowing deep down that they were in desperate need of SEO assistance, it wasn’t until they met with Edge45 that everything started to fall into place.

We reassured BusinessWatch of our expertise in handling the specific problems they were facing, namely launching a new website that would not only look great, but also show a positive ROI in the shortest possible time frame.

Time after time we’ve seen beautiful sites launch, only for them to lose both traffic and enquiries overnight. We explained the importance of identifying, and analysing, their most important pages so that we could replicate them during the rebuild.

This would ensure there was no drop off in visitors while the rest of the improvements we’d be implementing took hold and started to get some much-needed love from the search engines.

Identify ➔ Implement ➔ Investigate

Edge45® took great care over the entire process, moving from identifying the problem to implementing the solution and then investigating the results. This was not a set-and-forget affair.

Here’s what we did:

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What we did

Determined the decline: First, we used our analytical expertise to determine the cause of the site’s decline. Using both Google Analytics and Google Search Console – as well as our own IP – we identified what pages were working for BusinessWatch and established their historical traffic and rankings.

A More Secure Future
increase in organic leads for 2019 YTD over the same period in 2018.
increase in new organic users for 2019 YTD over the same period in 2018
increase in new organic users for 2019 YTD over the same period in 2018

“Edge45® not only arrested the continual slide in traffic to our website, but actually reversed it to the point where we are seeing record levels of organic traffic.

Not only that, the quality of the leads we get through the site is exceptionally high, better than what we could have imagined, and I have no doubt that this is due to Edge45®’s assistance in helping us get a new site and the following ongoing attention they have given it through monthly SEO.”

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