Car Leasing With A Specific Range

Established in Manchester just over a decade ago, Vantage Leasing are now key players in what has become a very competitive niche. Their UK-centric offerings cover both personal and commercial sectors, with a core focus on Range Rover leasing, especially the ever-popular and iconic Evoque.

A New Outlook For Vantage

Competition amongst car leasing firms in the UK is fierce, with hundreds of companies all fighting for high-quality leads. Naturally, a strong digital presence plays a huge part in generating such leads, but you need to adopt the right approach in order to succeed:

“Historically, we had been paying third party firms to supply us with leads, but this was expensive and the quality of the leads supplied was low. We’d also been using Google Adwords but, again, the competition for bids meant the price of a click was incredibly expensive.

“Generating leads from Organic Search using SEO services was attractive to us, but we knew it was not going to be easy.”

Another obstacle faced by Vantage was the way the car leasing industry is run. There’s something of a causality dilemma in play, where firms need to lease more vehicles of a certain type in order to gain greater access to those same models.

The higher your numbers, the easier it becomes to obtain preferable rates from the finance companies who hold the cards. If Vantage could shift more of one specific model, the harder it would become for other car leasing firms to compete with them on that range of vehicles:

“Range Rover Evoques were a particularly desirable model for us to do well on, thanks to their incredible popularity.

However, relying on Google Ads to shift the kind of numbers that meant we could offer great rates was expensive. We knew we had to attain better rankings for this model in order for it to become really profitable for us, which is why we started to consider SEO.”

More Than Just A Pretty Space

“It seemed obvious to us that we needed to be online, so we asked a local website designer to design an e-commerce store for us. I thought that’s all we’d need to start making sales and revenue.

After several months it was clear there was more to it than that, but we didn’t know what. We were only seeing minimal levels of website visits and transactions, all of which was generating very little revenue.

We needed help!”

Rob Walker - Owner & Managing Director, Vantage Leasing

Vantage Take A Different Position

Vantage Leasing were already working with another agency who was charged with the task of refreshing their website. They were recommended Edge45® by a mutual contact:

“We had felt for some time that a new website might help us become more self-sustaining with regards to lead generation, but wanted to be sure that this would definitely be the case.

We asked our agency if they knew anyone with strong SEO knowledge to assist on the project, which is when we were introduced to Technical SEO Agency Edge45®.”

increase in organic conversions

Better SEO Leads To Leads

Edge45®’s remit was clear: drive more Range Rover Evoque leasing deals. So, we started analysing Vantage’s website whilst simultaneously looking at competitors who were ranking higher.

Our in depth research revealed a number of issues, but one stood out as a fundamental flaw that required immediate attention: the backend of Vantage’s website was actually working against them.

Vantage was using a dedicated Content Management System built with the car leasing industry in mind. While this may sound like the perfect fit, it actually overlooked numerous SEO best practices and prevented Vantage from adding the kind of content required to rank on page one.

The CMS was built for the car leasing industry…not for SEO.

What is success?

“We thought we had a website fit to compete on page one, but what we didn’t know was how important it was to add increased value over and above what everyone else was doing. For example, the copy used on our website was the same default copy used for every other competitor on the same car leasing content management system! Edge45® taught us why that was a problem – If there are a hundred other car leasing firms out there with near identical looking websites that all say the same thing, then why should you be rewarded with more favourable rankings? Answer? You aren’t, and that was our problem!”

Rob Walker - Owner & Managing Director, Vantage Leasing

We worked closely with Vantage’s web developers to build a new site from the ground up, including a better quality CMS tailored to current SEO best practices. Our advice, recommendations, and general consultancy built the foundations that helped Vantage stand out from the clones and articulate their own value proposition with strength and clarity.

Driving Change

Success, for Vantage Leasing, with regards to SEO services, revolved around three key areas:

  • Increased visibility of website in organic search to drive more visitors.
  • Become the leading Range Rover Evoque supplier of lease deals with the greatest access to stock at the most competitive rates, so we can pass these onto our customers.
  • Reduce reliance on costly PPC campaigns to drive leads by increasing organic leads.

The execution of Edge45®’s bespoke plan for Vantage Leasing commenced. We took care of:

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Driving Change

Technical consultancy: Worked closely with Vantage’s web developers to ensure the new site met current standards with improved navigation, page layout and design, as well as structured mark-up, all of which would help them achieve their SEO goals.

A New Lease Of Life
increase in the number of online enquiries made.
increase in organic website traffic.
increase in website enquiry conversion rate.

“Within 12 months, Edge45® achieved all of the above and then some. Now when we negotiate with the finance companies on Evoque stock access and rates, they joke that we don’t have to, no one else wants to touch Evoques due to our dominance in this area!”

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