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The key to successful digital PR is having the right idea pitched in the right way to the right people.
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What is Digital PR?

Digital PR is part of a rounded content marketing strategy to help raise brand awareness online. It involves gaining backlinks, brand mentions and news coverage to improve your website’s authority, relevancy, and visibility.

A digital PR company can do this through:

  • Creating news stories that industry and news publications want to cover
  • Developing content on your site that will attract natural backlinks
  • Positioning your team as thought leaders in your industry by creating relationships with key journalists.

As with any digital PR service, the aim is to make your brand famous. Maybe not Beyonce famous – but famous within your industry and to your core audience. When people are thinking how they solve a problem in your sector, your brand should be the first that pops into their head – and you do this through digital PR.

Benefits of Digital PR

The internet is a busy place – so standing out from the crowd can be tough. As a digital PR and outreach marketing agency, we can help position your brand as a thought leader, improve your site’s authority and introduce your services and products to a whole new audience.

Here are some of the main benefits of outreach, link building and digital PR:

  • Build authority: Become the voice of your industry through tailored PR campaigns.
  • Raise brand awareness: Attract new audiences by featuring in the publications they read.
  • Attract high value links: Gain backlinks through digital outreach campaigns.
  • Build natural links: Use data-led content that other sites will choose to link back to as the source of information for that topic.
  • Control the news: Make sure brand mentions in the news are positive by gaining greater control of what is published.
  • Create conversations: Get people talking about you on social media and in forums with discussion pieces.
  • Develop relationships with publications: Become the go-to expert for industry comments and features by developing close relationships with journalists and publications.
Digital PR and Backlinks

Digital PR can help you to build highly valuable backlinks to your website as part of a rounded SEO strategy. This works by providing relevant and authoritative news sites with the kind of content they want to publish.

When they publish your story, they often link back to either a key money driving page or PR landing page. These backlinks pass some of the publisher’s authority on to your site.

However, PR is not the only way to gain backlinks. If you want to build backlinks that are natural, relevant and will help boost your site, digital PR works alongside other backlink building tactics such as identifying key directories, working with your partners, and looking for natural connections between your company and others in your sector.

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Digital PR is the Future of SEO
The only way you grow brand search is by telling people you exist. This is where digital PR comes in.

Our Digital PR Services

  • Data-led Content

    We use either first-party client data or third-party data from reputable sources to craft data-led content.
  • Thought-leader Pieces

    Working with client experts, we can help pull their thoughts together into interesting and engaging thought leadership content.
  • Surveys

    We can create and run surveys on any industry topic to gain original data and develop unique talking points.
  • Features

    Working with publications, we can get our clients in regular features.
  • Whitepapers

    We can pull together some of the above into a more expansive white paper including data, thought leadership and surveys to not only gain PR coverage but also provide a lead generation source.

Why Choose Edge45?

We have worked successfully with a range of companies, gaining coverage and backlinks from publications like The Mirror, The Guardian, Metro, and a variety of local news and industry publications.

Our targeted approach means we aim to get your story into the publications where your audience are most likely to be.

On top of that, we always try to link back to key money driving pages to boost their SEO value and help people on their conversion journey.

We’ll also look to include your brand message or USPs within the PR content so that any new customers know right away what sets you apart from your competitors.

Our digital PR and outreach strategies are data-led. We look at what you want to achieve, who your audience is, which publications to target and the best way to reach them.

Publications in which we've gained PR coverage

Our Digital PR Process

To get the best from a digital PR strategy, we need to work with our clients from start to finish. Our process involves:

  1. Setting KPIs: We work with clients to make sure our PR is achieving their goals not ours – whether that’s links, brand mentions or simply coverage in preferred publications.
  2. Brainstorming sessions with clients: Once we know our aims, we can then decide which service or product to focus on.
  3. Deciding on ideas: We take our topic focus and discover the best idea to gain coverage. We look at what’s been covered before and what’s not. We assess what assets we have from the client or whether data for certain ideas is readily available.
  4. Choosing the best format: Before we transform the idea into a piece of content, we need to choose a format that works best – case study led campaign or thought leadership? Survey or data-led?
  5. Backing idea up with data: To give our campaigns the best chance – both in the short and long term – we always try and back it up with solid data.
  6. Creating content assets: Pulling together all the above, we then create the content asset – whether that’s a blog piece, infographics, feature article, interview or case study.
  7. Creating focussed seeding list: When we have the content, we’ll know who we want to target with it. With hundreds of contacts in our database and access to a variety of PR tools, we can create a seeding list of key contacts.
  8. Writing press releases: We create tailored press releases for different publications – whether you want a local focus, industry push or are targeting national news.
  9. Using personalised emails: We personalise all our emails to give us the best chance of success. We also follow up after a set period to help keep your story at the top of their agenda.
  10. Tracking success: Depending on the KPIs set, we can track the success of your PR campaign in a variety of ways. We look at coverage gained, quality of website, their readership, referral traffic, brand mentions and more.

Digital PR: FAQS

What is a digital PR agency?

A digital PR agency helps you improve your brand awareness. It can be a mix of traditional PR methods and more SEO focussed tactics such as building authoritative backlinks.

What is a digital PR specialist?

Usually, digital PR specialists will have close working relationships journalists and understanding of what they want. The PR team at Edge45 have experience working on both sides of the deal – as journalists and from an agency perspective. This journalistic experience helps us to understand the best way to craft our messages.

How much does digital PR cost?

Digital PR can be quite labour intensive, as you need to build a truly original and exciting asset that people will want to link to – and quality can take time. But we also know the most efficient ways to carry out digital PR, using automated tools, and pre-built seeding lists. We are happy to quote for your digital PR campaign on a one-off basis or as a retainer.

What is the difference between PR and digital PR?

Traditional PR is usually focused on news and getting your brand mentioned in key publications. Digital PR does this but also looks at ways to create links back to high converting pages, build content that attracts natural backlinks over time and from your brand message in a way that Google can associate you with your key messaging.

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