Grey's Fine Foods SEO Case Study

How Edge45® doubled Grey’s Fine Foods organic traffic within 3 months & more than trebled it year on year within 12

Client: Grey’s Fine Foods


Segment: Food & Drink, E-commerce, B2C

Background: Grey’s Fine Foods is an online Spanish food shop that specialises in sourcing and importing authentic, top quality Spanish foods, ingredients and drinks from Spain into the UK where they are then sold online.

Grey’s was already a major player in the import and wholesale B2B market where wholesale clients ranged from michelin star restaurants to 5 star hotels as well as a large range of independent delis. However our client wanted to open up a new revenue stream by offering a number of products to the B2C market via an online store where margins were bigger than those typical in wholesale.

With no growth in website traffic and revenue, Edge45® was tasked with increasing the organic search presence of so that the website could become profitable in its own right rather than subsidised by the wholesale division of the business.

Goal 1: Increase visibility of website in Organic Search to drive more visitors

Goal 2: Increase revenue generated from online sales

The Results

Keyword Rankings

Keyword# Monthly SearchesRank Year 1Rank Year 2
spanish food recipe210Not in top 10073
recipes from spain720Not in top 10056
spain food recipes590Not in top 10039
spanish foods recipes210Not in top 10038
spanish wine shop140Not in top 10038
traditional spanish recipes480Not in top 10036
spain recipes880Not in top 10031
spanish traditional food720Not in top 10029
buy spanish wine70Not in top 10029
traditional spanish food2900Not in top 10025
traditional spanish foods3903625
authentic spanish recipes1000Not in top 10024
spanish drinks8803524
buy spanish wine online304319
traditional spanish drinks50Not in top 10018
spanish wine importers70Not in top 10013
spanish food delivery390104
spanish groceries170Not in top 1003
spanish hamper14074
spanish shop online110Not in top 1006
buy spanish food9083
buy spanish food online90124
spanish hampers9064
spanish food shop90546
spanish wholesalers70Not in top 1002
wholesale spain70Not in top 1003
spanish hampers uk5053
spanish food suppliers50165
spanish food hamper5065
spanish food importers40Not in top 1001
spanish gift baskets40204
spanish food wholesalers uk30Not in top 1003
spanish wholesale30Not in top 1003
spain wholesale30Not in top 1003
spanish food distributors30Not in top 1003
spanish food hampers3064
spanish food gifts3084
wholesale spanish30Not in top 1008
spanish wine importers uk30Not in top 10010
spanish food imports20382
spanish food wholesalers20382
spanish food wholesale2072
spanish food hampers uk2054
spanish foods uk20245
spanish food importer10Not in top 1001
spanish food gift baskets10Not in top 1001
spanish hamper uk1052
buy spanish drinksNo data available51
buy spanish drinks onlineNo data available141
Totals/Averages191013.4 Average Rank3.5 Average Rank

Organic Traffic

With year on year data only becoming available from December 2015 onwards, Edge45® was proud to deliver the following increases in organic traffic:

MonthYear 1 Organic VisitsYear 2 Organic VisitsYOY % Increase
MonthYear 2 Organic VisitsYear 3 Organic VisitsYOY % Increase
First Quarter27058000196%

Organic Revenue

Whilst we would love to share actual revenue figures with you to demonstrate just what a difference our SEO work made to Grey’s Fine Foods, the sensitive nature of such data means we cannot. However, we are pleased to be able to share the following Year on Year percentage increases in organic revenue:

MonthYOY % £ Revenue Increase
December Year 1 - December Year 2169%
January Year 1 - January Year 2791%
February Year 1 - February Year 2269%
March Year 1 - March Year 22991%

Conversion Rate Optimisation & User Testing

You can learn how we used Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and user testing to increase the E-commerce conversion rate of by 359% to further increase sales & online revenue in our Grey’s conversion rate optimisation case study here.

Javier De La Hormaza Greys Fine Foods Basco

What the client said

“Edge45® has helped us develop a much clearer vision of our online business, better web structure, better focus on those who matter – our customers, better page rankings, increase in traffic, increase in number of enquiries and most importantly, increase in turnover.

Fundamentally, Edge45® has made a significant difference to the way we do business online. They’ve grown our online revenue to a point that we can start treating it as a standalone business & thanks to Colin’s SEO knowledge & experience, our brand is ranking 100 times better in Google.” – Javier De La Hormaza, owner of Grey’s Fine Foods.

Think SEO Might Work For You?

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