Improve Your Conversion Rate in less than 5 Minutes

Only got 5 minutes to spare? No problem, here is the quickest guide you will ever read on how to improve conversion rates for your website whether that’s for an e-commerce site or a lead generation site.

Just  remember this, there are six factors that affect conversion rates the world over – Keep these in mind and you’ll go far:

Value Proposition

Is the full set of perceived benefits and costs, in the prospect’s mind, of taking your call to action. When the perceived benefits outweigh the perceived costs, your prospect will have enough motivation to take action.


When people are in a searching mind-set, they switch to a faster mode of processing information. Rather than using a meaning-evaluation method to understand all the words on the page, we switch to a pattern-matching process where we look for cues that tell us we’re still on the right path.

To keep prospects interested in the path that leads toward your call to action, you should maximise the scent trail. Your page should use words, images, colours and layouts that your prospect relates to and are consistent with the incoming link.


Does the page clearly articulate the value proposition and call to action? Content and design are the two overarching aspects of clarity that should be analysed. Content clarity means ensuring that the images and text combine to minimize viewers time needed for comprehension. When your content is clear, your imagery and copywriting complement each other. They work together to reinforce your value proposition and guide your prospect to take a call to action.


What potential misgivings could the visitor have about undertaking the conversion action? Anxiety is any uncertainty in your prospects mind about completing the conversion.

Unknown brands (yours compared to the likes of Tesco for example) have to do more work to establish credibility with you before they can ask you to trust them.


Are there items on the page that could divert the visitor away from the goal? Distractions includes anything on the page that redirects attention from the primary message and call to action.

Minimizing distractions such as unnecessary product options, links and extraneous information will increase the conversion rate.


Is there an indication on the page that action needs to be taken now?


Try to keep those factors in mind when you take your product photos, write your service descriptions and design your call to actions and you can be sure your conversion rates WILL increase.