Car Leasing CRO Case Study

How Edge45® Increased Our Client’s Car Leasing Website Enquiry Conversion Rate By 121%

cro conversion rate case study edge45

Client: Confidential
Segment:  Car Leasing

Strategy – Identify Bottlenecks

Edge45® spent time analysing each part of the enquiry form process so that any barriers to enquiry form completion could be identified.

Creating a Conversion Funnel

A conversion funnel was set up in Google Analytics to identify where the greatest drop-offs in the enquiry from process were occurring.

Feedback from Real Users

Edge45® implemented user feedback technology to gather timely and relevant feedback about how users found the site to use.

Our Findings

Difficulties Completing Enquiry Form

Analysis and feedback found that many users were having difficulty filling the form in as it asked for mandatory non-critical information.

Edge45® simplified the form by asking for the most important information only.

Better use of white space and colour was used to break up the form into visually more manageable sections which made it less daunting to complete.

Choice of Language

Wording and copy used on key elements of the site that directly influenced Enquiry Form Conversion Rate was improved by making the value proposition clearer. For example, ‘Enquiry’ was changed to ‘Get Quote’ making it clearer what benefit users would get by clicking the button.

edge45® conversion rate optimisation case study 5edge45® conversion rate optimisation case study 6

This subconsciously encouraged users to complete the desired action.

Making Users Work Less

Various elements of the website were made easier to use allowing visitors to focus on making an enquiry rather than suffer website usability issues.

For example, rather than asking visitors ‘Call Us’ but provide no visible phone number, phone numbers were made more visible so visitors did not have to search should they want to make a phone enquiry.edge45® conversion rate optimisation case study

The Results – Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate Increase Case StudyHaving averaged an averaged a monthly conversion rate of 0.61% for the 7 months preceding our CRO changes, the conversion rate increased to 1.35% in the first preceding month.

In the following months since, the enquiry from conversion rate has not dropped below 1.18%, almost double the average achieved prior to the updates.


The Results – # Enquiries

In conjunction with Edge45®’s SEO work for our car leasing client, doubling the enquiry form conversion rate resulted in a 93% increase in the number of online enquiries made.

Increase in Enquiries After Conversion Rate Optimisation Changes


By focusing on how to leverage your existing website traffic levels to convert better rather than costly investments in SEO and PPC to bring new traffic, online revenue and leads generated can increase significantly with relatively little effort, time and expense. Conversion rate testing provides an excellent way of achieving this as a cheap, cost effective tool that is easy to set up and use.