Car Leasing SEO Case Study

How Edge45® Grew Our Client’s Car Leasing Website Organic Traffic by 2075%

car leasing website seo case study edge45®

Client: Vantage Leasing


Segment: Car Leasing

Background: Our client is a major car leasing company in both the personal and business contract hire niches. Historically, our client used its website as a lead generation tool and relied on Pay Per Click advertising to maintain online visibility & presence.

Our client gave Edge45® the task of increasing its Organic Search presence so that its reliance on expensive monthly PPC costs could be reduced which we chose to do using our SEO Services.

Goal 1: Increase visibility of website in Organic Search to drive more visitors

Goal 2: Reduce reliance on costly PPC campaign to drive leads by increasing Organic leads

The Results

Keyword Rankings

Position 1 & 2 page one rankings for all high search volume target key phrases targeted.

Range Rover Evoque Keywords # Monthly Searches Rank May 2014 Rank April 2015
range rover evoque lease 2900 14 1
evoque lease 880 16 1
land rover evoque lease 590 12 1
lease range rover evoque 480 15 1
range rover evoque leasing 260 9 1
lease a range rover evoque 170 16 1
evoque leasing 170 10 1
range rover evoque lease price 110 8 1
evoque contract hire 110 10 3
Totals & Averages 5670 12.2 Average Rank 1.2 Average Rank

Organic Traffic

2075% Increase in #Organic traffic visits in 9 months

Organic Traffic Visits Increase SEO Case Study

Organic Conversions

3925% Increase in #Organic Conversions in 9 months

Organic Conversions Increase SEO Case Study

PPC Cost Reduction

51% cost reduction over 8 month

PPC Cost Reduction Car Leasing SEO Case Study

Despite PPC cost reduction, overall traffic to site increased by 41%

Car Leasing SEO Case Study

Total number of leads generated from PPC and Organic increased by 66%

Total Number Of Leads Generated From PPC & Organic Increase 66%

The Reaction

Our client was so pleased with the results that Edge45® was awarded further work to improve their Range Rover Sport rankings and the results here have also been very encouraging:

Range Rover Sport Keywords # Monthly Searches Rank November 2014 Rank April 2016
range rover sport lease 1600 11 1
lease range rover sport 590 11 1
range rover sport lease deals 210 10 1
lease a range rover sport 170 10 1
range rover sport leasing 170 6 1
range rover sport lease specials 110 20 1
range rover sport business lease 90 17 2
leasing a range rover sport 70 10 1
leasing range rover sport 70 9 1
new range rover sport lease 70 7 1
range rover sport lease uk 50 16 1
Totals & Averages 3200 11.5 Average Rank 1.2 Average Rank

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