ID Security Specialists Look To Edge Into A Competitive UK Market

Cards-X are one of Europe’s leading suppliers of security products, specialising predominantly in ID cards and ID printing equipment. Cards-X products are used across a broad spectrum of industries and sectors, and the company has built a strong reputation for delivering innovative digital access solutions alongside a premium fully managed service.

Cards-X’s clients are wide-ranging, including well-known prestigious international sporting events for whom they produce bespoke guest pass solutions.

Identifying the challenge

Cards-X came to Edge45® with a specific goal: To enter and exploit the lucrative ID security market here in the UK, which is currently the second largest in Europe for the sector. While this may seem like a grandiose plan, Cards-X had already conquered the German market and the company had an abundance of talent and industry knowledge behind them.

Despite this, however, breaking into the UK market was going to be no mean feat.

Cards-X had little in the way of brand awareness or online presence in the United Kingdom, and the ID security market was already well-established and littered with competitors boasting a rich heritage.

Limited digital knowhow was standing in the way of success

Cards-X knew their own business inside out, with majors players within their team coming from some of the largest, and most established, ID printing manufacturers and distributors in Germany. They had an extensive Rolodex of contacts throughout the industry, too, but their digital marketing experience was holding them back.

After setting up a new warehouse and distribution centre in North Yorkshire, Cards-X was on the lookout for a digital agency to help their business attain their lofty goals. They had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve online, but were unclear on how to successfully bring it to fruition.

They also wanted to partner with a company that was ‘more than just a search agency’.

Enter Edge45®.

Devising a sound solution

The brief was plain and direct: Establish a foothold online, whilst simultaneously cementing longer-term plans for growth by building trust and authority within the sector.

No pressure, then.

As we do with every client, we began tackling the task at hand by exploring Cards-X business and the market in which it operated. What we discovered held the key to the project’s success – a perfect gap in the market that was waiting for a forward thinking business such as Cards-X to exploit.

The vast majority of Cards-X’s competitors had the luxury of longstanding and authoritative domains behind them, but they had rested on their laurels somewhat. Their product descriptions lacked the due care and attention demanded by the sector’s prime client base, almost to the point where customers were seemingly just expected to buy without question.

Vulnerability verified, excellence executed

Edge45® began by helping Cards-X put together unique, full and in depth product descriptions that helped the customer understand how any given product could solve their own specific problem. This was in stark contrast to their competitors, who offered up information that was bland, generic, and unhelpful.

While there are undoubtedly a number of potential clients out there looking for ID security who are technically savvy and au fait with all the industry jargon, they are in the minority. We aimed Cards-X firmly at the majority: Clients who wanted straightforward solutions to their problems in everyday language they could understand. 

We wanted Cards-X to be solution led and focused on clients needs, as opposed to a product led and focused on sales alone. By doing so, we strongly believed brand awareness in Cards-X would quickly follow. This would subsequently result in better search rankings and a website that was far easier to find.

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Our Strategy

In depth keyword research of the Security ID sector: We identified opportunities that allowed us to re-engineer the site from the ground up. We put together a completely new site structure built around terms we uncovered.

Success, secured!
in tracked page 1 organic keywords
increase in 12 month YOY organic sessions
increase in page one search volume (90 to 11,700)

“Getting a new business off the ground is exceptionally labour intensive, so entrusting in the support of a digital specialist agency like Edge45® has been invaluable, as it has allowed me to focus my efforts on growing our business through acquisitions and partnerships while Edge45® work with us to push our brand digitally. 

It’s been such a worthwhile experience. I’ve learned so much already in such a short space of time and I’m looking forward to continuing our growth journey over the next year.”

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