Yorkshire’s Leading uPVC Specialist Warms Up To The Digital World

How Edge45® achieved the following for Eliments:
Organic Leads Increase 12 Months to Jan 2022
Organic Traffic Increase 12 Months to Jan 2022
Reduction in Paid Search Cost Per Lead
Increase in Paid Search Conversion Rate
Increase in Monthly Paid Search leads
YOY Increase in Paid & Organic Leads

Framing the challenge

Thanks to their unwavering ethical approach and outstanding attention to detail, Eliments has fast become one of the area’s leading conservatory, windows, and doors specialists. While business at their North Yorkshire showroom was heating up, Eliments’ offline efforts were glacial by comparison.

It was time for the uPVC professionals to come in from the cold.

Eliments’ two managing directors, Danny Hogan and Richard Sample, knew their company could do better digitally. Their growing reputation in and around York wasn’t being replicated further afield, and their competitors were gaining traction in localities that Eliments could and should have been serving.

The reason? Eliments’ online presence simply wasn’t matching the meticulousness of their offline efforts.

Watching the competition bolt out the door

“Eliments had never really invested in online, as the strength of their local reputation meant they never really needed to. However, Eliments were seeing our competitors start to grow at a quicker rate than them and it was clear their online activities were giving them greater reach with new customers.

The Eliments team realised that if they didn’t get serious about online, their competitors were going to leave them behind.”

Joanne Davey, Managing Director, Edge45®

Getting a handle on their online history

How did Eliments find themselves in this situation? Like so many other SMBs with a heavy offline focus, the digital marketplace kind of got overlooked.

Up until this point, Eliments had been employing the services of a freelance web designer who offered up a bit of SEO as a side order. Couple this with the fact that their PPC campaigns were conducted in house by staff with very little experience and it’s not difficult to see why things weren’t going their way online.

A dedicated search marketing agency was required, and Edge45® were happy to answer the call.


Opening up to a new search agency

As with any new relationship, building trust was essential. Thankfully, Edge45® got off to a great start by being found via an online search for the term ‘SEO agencies’.

Practice what you preach and all that!

Understandably, Eliments’ directors were fiercely protective of their brand and their existing self-managed PPC account. To gain their confidence, we were going to have to deliver on a number of levels, including the way we reported our findings and solutions:

“The Eliments team really bought into the fact that we outlined within our reports each task delivered each month, and the tasks we planned to deliver the next month, alongside monthly performance. They also really appreciated that we would provide a jargon-free executive summary for their senior stakeholders, who were time poor and not technically savvy.”

Mike Gomez, Performance Director, Edge45®

As we here at Edge45® take great pride in our honest and transparent approach to online marketing, this way of dealing with clients comes as standard.

Refreshing, no?

The key to a better online experience

Our initial technical seo audit of their website highlighted a number of areas in which Eliments could do better. The fundamental issue, however, was that the site was little more than a calling card for their bricks and mortar business with very little in the way of lead generation.

Faced with stiff competition from other businesses, an online presence consisting of an about page, contact details, and a few stock images wasn’t going to cut it. There wasn’t enough useful information on the services they had to offer, nor were there any convincing reasons why Eliments should be the customer’s first choice.

Naturally, something had to change. We sat down with the guys to explain our findings:

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Edge45 Finds

A persuasive website –  Very little useful information available to visitors meant there wasn’t anything online making Eliments stand out in a very competitive marketplace.


Eliments simply weren’t getting enough traffic to their website, and the few visitors they did have were highly unlikely to convert. In short, they were getting left behind digitally.

Opening the door to digital dominance

To get Eliments to where they wanted to be, a radical overhaul of their website was in order. We started with a restructuring of the site itself and then created bespoke content that would make their services sing.

This, however, was just the beginning.

Through our comprehensive analysis, we knew that the campaign as a whole needed a strategic realignment and a long-term plan that capitalised on all channels available. With Eliments blessing, Edge45® took over their paid search, social, and SEO.

We also took ownership of the many smaller developmental changes required that would enable us to drive improvements forward. The thinking behind this was to marry the two major acquisition channels, paid and organic search, with an improved user experience in order to boost conversion rates.

Here is a breakdown of what our SEO team worked on:

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What We Did

Repurposed PDFs that were scattered across the site. We pulled out all useful information and placed it into relevant service pages to bulk out content and provide visitors with genuinely helpful advice.


A window of opportunity…seized!

Over 12 months, Edge45® was responsible for leading more people through the door of conversion and into engaged, qualified prospects with a 150% YOY lead increase across paid and organic channels.

Organic traffic and leads from new visitors were up, paid leads was up, conversion rates were up and cost per lead was down! It’s fair to say Eliments had well and truly shut the door on their competitor’s advances and then some.

YOY increase in organic and paid leads combined

“Edge45® have been a great partner to work with over the last year. They are very granular, but also very clear and concise. They do not over promise and try to set realistic expectations, which helps avoid disappointment.

‘I like that Edge45® challenge me. It shows they are invested in driving my business forward and aren’t just saying what they think I want to hear!”