Software Development Agency Secures Site Migration Success

As of 2022, Netsells is ranked as the 9th fastest growing tech company in the north of England. They are a leading software development agency that creates bespoke software, web platforms, APIs, and more. 

They currently work across 40+ countries with a global client base that includes government agencies, household name brands, and high-potential startups.

Aiming higher

In 2019/20 Netsells reviewed their proposition in order to appeal to a specific market that would help them meet their substantial growth goals. Once the market was identified, Netsells carried out an extensive website re-design and got to work on changing their tone of voice in order to appeal to their new target audience. 

Historically, Netsells’ website revolved around web design for SMEs, but the newly identified market would be mid and high-end tier. The revamped site, therefore, would need to resonate better with the chosen market they were looking to break into. 

Trust through delivery

As web developers, Netsells were well aware of the dangers associated with site migrations, such as lost rankings and dramatic drops in existing traffic. So aware, in fact, that they had previously employed Edge45® to handle a number of their own client’s migrations in the past. 

Collaborating with us on these projects also had the dual benefit of Netsells being able to rebuild their clients sites with SEO best practises in mind from start to finish.

“I’ve worked closely with Colm and his team on several mutual client projects, and I would consider myself to be a good personal friend. As CEO’s Colm and I understand the challenges that come with running a successful company”.

Brannan Coady, CEO, Netsells Group

A migraine-free migration

Edge45® is well regarded in the industry for their expertise in handling site migrations. With four successfully delivered in 2021 and two already completed in early 2022 (at the time of writing, 01/02/22), we were seen as Netsells’ go-to partner for handling this delicate transition to a new and exciting market.

Increase in share of voice for 'Flutter Development' keywords

The site migration plan we put together for Netsells was structured in six distinct phases. In it, we tackled everything from the design and build of the new site through to a performance review post launch that would catch any unforeseen niggles that could then be dealt with quickly and efficiently. 

Naturally, we ran thorough benchmarking processes to assess current performance prior to launch day, too. We also put in place a strategy for monitoring and evaluating everything from indexation to keyword visibility once the migration was completed and the new site was live. 

In short, our priority was to mitigate risk and ensure a smooth transition from the old to the new.

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Six phases, one goal

Strategy & Scope

  • Identify areas of opportunity and areas of risk, for example, important pages, taxonomy improvements, duplicate content.
  • Set realistic objectives & KPIs
  • Prepare project plan
Nine months on…
Total Keyword Rankings Increase
Page 1 Rankings Increase
Organic Lead Ingrease

“When the need arose to appoint a reputable Search Agency to support the website migration and digital growth of Netsells, I appointed the Edge45® team without hesitation. I know I can trust them implicitly.”

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