Edge45® Makes A Hire

Edge45® is excited to announce the arrival of a new member of staff – Michael Hayes. He brings a whole new range of expertise to the company, arriving with experience in Photography, PR and particularly Video Production. Having worked with online video, music videos, TV Pilots and becoming The Producer on a feature film, Michael knows what it takes to things done!

Hiring Michael is a step into expanding what Edge45® can offer it’s clients, we never stop thinking about how we can improve what we offer. It’s a commitment to our mission, of making our services better everyday.

Michael Hayes of Edge45®“To be honest I couldn’t turn it down, there was no way I was saying no. Literally it only took 3 days for me to say Yes. First day I got introduced to the team, next day I got shown their work results, next day I got shown the company roadmap. Sold. Honestly, you can’t beat ambition that’s backed up by a team that is absolutely flying – honestly I’m gonna have to step up my game, they’re on fire right now.”

The Future.

We’re all pretty excited – we’ve got some incredible projects in the pipeline here, the growth we’re experiencing is allowing us to deliver projects to clients that just weren’t previously possible. We’re under no illusion we got here by delivering results and we aren’t prepared to stop doing so. What makes this time so exciting is we’re able to deliver more, at the standard of quality that our clients have come to expect from us. We really want to start giving back more, we think the tools and tips of Digital Marketing really need to be put out there in a more accessible way, to much more people. For those who want to learn, grow and improve we are about to being a project to bring our knowledge to those outside the industry.