Edge45® Expands Into Historic York Guildhall Offices

We are thrilled to announce our move to a new office location in the prestigious York Guildhall. This is a famous and picturesque 15th-century building overlooking the River Ouse. It also sits right next to the Mansion House, which is the residence of the Lord Mayor of York.

Our eagerly awaited move comes after the recent £21.7 million renovation of the beautiful historic building. Once a meeting place for the City’s guilds, it has now become our base where we meet the needs of our clients; offering them unrivalled SEO and Digital Marketing services that deliver online success.

Over the years, Edge45® Digital Search Agency has expanded from a single person with a vision to do things better to a mid-sized agency now with 10 talented employees. The agency’s rapid growth shows no signs of slowing down and this has led to several office moves in just a few years.

Gearing Up For Growth

Moving to the Guildhall has allowed us to engage in the next chapter of growth. The larger office gives us the space we need to bring in new talent, something that our smaller office was holding us back from doing. With the larger space we now have, we are excited to start putting into action some ideas we’ve been brewing for a long time: such as SEO workshops for local businesses, podcasts and more.

Colm Docherty, CEO & Founder of Edge45®
The Guildhall's Main Hall

Now, not only is Edge45® at the heart of York’s finest business community, the new location close by to the train station also offers digital marketing talent across Yorkshire an alternative to the many Leeds based agencies.

With its breath-taking views of the River Ouse, spacious interior and modern facilities, Edge45®’s stunning new office offers boundless opportunities for growth.

Embracing York

Despite key challenges presented by COVID-19, we’ve been able to achieve incredible feats thanks to some key client wins. The general hard work and dedication of the team has also allowed us to start attracting more blue-chip companies, recruit amazing personnel and propel us to even greater heights. Moving forward, our aim is to be more proactive with the next generation of talent as well as to create new job opportunities within York.

Joanne Davey, Managing Director, Edge45®

Guildhall’s Gone Green

Edge45® is privileged to be part of the Guildhall’s history, as well as its progressive move toward a greener planet. The Guildhall is taking great steps to reduce carbon footprints by using river-source heat pumps —a technology that harvests energy from the nearby Ouse River and converts that into heat for the building.

We believe this sets a progressive example for environmental sustainability in York.

The Guildhall overlooks the River Ouse

“Office spaces in the centre of York are few and far between, to secure one in the newly renovated Guildhall – where there is a unique blend of traditional old stone and modern facilities, technology, and eco-friendly approaches – feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity. It signals our intent to forge our stamp and make a big statement that we are serious players in the digital marketing agency arena.”

Down the Guildhall’s memory lane …

Guildhall Circa 1909

The Guildhall was built in the 15th century as a meeting place for the City’s guilds – an association formed to protect the common interests of trade and craftspeople – between 1449 and 1459.

This Grade 1 listed building was once famously graced by King Richard III in 1483, Prince Albert in 1850, and many other dignitaries who either hosted or attended banquets here. The building was also used in the 1600s for counting the £200,000 ransom paid for King Charles I’s release during the Civil War.

The Guildhall is a medieval throwback and the place where you can still see concrete evidence of King Richard III’s reign in York. Recent restoration efforts have allowed this magnificent building to become technologically modern while also preserving its history.

Learn how our passionate team could help your business grow online

As we emerge from the other side of COVID, this is a fantastic time to invite our existing and prospective clients for some traditional facetime. We’re incredibly proud of our new office space and excited to show it off to visitors. So, why not book a session with us to talk with our SEO specialists, discover the historic Guildhall and learn how our talented team can take your business to greater heights online.

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