Imagine having an army of evangelists out there, each with their own following, spreading the word about your business. Sound good, doesn’t it? Well, affiliate marketing can do that for you.

By offering each affiliate (evangelist) an incentive (commission) to promote your business you’ll have unbelievable scope for growth. Careful vetting is essential, but we’ll help you get the right affiliates for your company – it’s all part of the service.

Exponential exposure

Offering an affiliate program can help your business reach a wider audience by utilising other people’s websites – and their existing following to market your goods or services for you. In return, you pay these good folk (your affiliates) a commission from each sale. This commission is only paid once your affiliate makes the sale, meaning that you do not need to pay them anything up front. This is what makes affiliate marketing such an attractive proposition for many business owners.

However, as with every sounds-to-good-to-be-true story, there is a catch. Finding the right affiliates can be tough. There isn’t a lot of point to signing up affiliates who are unable, for one reason or another, to make sales for you. Then you have to consider your commission rates, approval process, and other affiliate strategies; the list goes on.

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This is where we come in. Edge45® can help you find the right partners for your product or service. We can also use our mathematical expertise to devise the right strategy for your business too.
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Customer acquisition the cost-effective way

Traditional advertising can be expensive and there is also an element of uncertainty associated with it. Affiliate marketing, however, works in a similar way to PPC – you only pay your affiliates once you see results.

This makes sense to the small business owner who may not have a huge marketing budget. They know that results matter, but they’re also aware of keeping their costs in check. Affiliate marketing can help you get the outcome you desire, without breaking the bank.

Balance brings the best ROI

Edge45® can help you achieve a balanced affiliate program that is optimised for success. We will work with you to set your commission rates, approval criteria and promotional strategy in order to produce the best results possible.

Without balance in these key areas, ROI can suffer; too much may lower profits, but not enough may lower sales. Setting the correct levels is essential, so we’ll collaborate closely with you to make sure that we maximise revenue for your business.

Getting you the right partners

Having the right people on your side is vital to a successful affiliate marketing campaign. Here at Edge45® we have extensive knowledge of the affiliate network market, allowing us to slot you into the right network for your business.

We take the guesswork out of choosing who you should partner with and who you shouldn’t. By pairing your products or services with the network and team of affiliates your business will see both improved traffic and sales.

Affiliate Marketing Networks

Network knowhow

The number of affiliate networks available is ever growing. Our knowledge of the affiliate marketplace is second to none, and we will help you connect with the right one for your business. Having the right network for your affiliate needs from the start will get the sales rolling in faster, which ultimately means more profit for you and your business.

Let us do the math

To be done correctly, affiliate marketing takes a degree of mathematics and logic. To come up with a winning equation that will work for your particular business model, we will crunch the numbers and provide you with a bespoke strategy – this is why Edge45® should be your first choice affiliate marketing provider.

Our engineering background gives us the perfect foundation to build successful strategies that require an analytical reasoning process in order to reach an end result. We flourish when faced with figures and formulas, so you can rest assured that we’re the right agency for the job.

In addition, we are not a faceless organisation who you can only contact via email. We love nothing more than immersing ourselves into your company culture in order to get a real feel for you and your business.

So, if you’re ready to take the next step and get yourself some serious exposure, give Edge45® Digital Marketing Agency a call today.

What makes us different?

Our knowledge of affiliate networks will help you find the perfect affiliates for your business

We approach strategies mathematically, taking into account factors that other agencies might miss

We’ll work closely with you and your business to ensure congruency whilst formulating AM strategies

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In 2014, UK consumers spent £16.5 billion thanks to affiliate marketing and lead generation. Can you afford not to incorporate an affiliate strategy into your next marketing campaign?

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