The importance of customer psychology can be easily lost amidst the sea of marketing techniques and terminology. What makes people do what they do?

At Edge45®, we approach things differently to other agencies. We pride ourselves on being able to step back from the situation and place ourselves in your customer’s shoes. This ability to see things from their perspective gives us a fabulous insight into what makes them tick.

It is these insights that allow us to create a bespoke strategy for your business, ensuring that you offer the right things to the right people at the right time.

Awareness is advantageous

Anticipating your customer’s wants and needs is a powerful weapon to have in your arsenal. Being able to present your product and service to a client at the optimum moment will have them tapping in their credit card details faster than a traffic warden can issue a parking ticket.

Our tailored and engineered systems and strategies will unearth these nuggets of information so that you can put them to work for your business.

Each strategy is bespoke and prioritised based on increasing performance as quickly as possible.

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Different strokes for different folks

Psychology can work universally or individually. Some things will affect everyone in the same way, whereas others will only hit home with a certain section of society. Knowing the difference between the two can bring outstanding results.

We’ll assess and analyse your customer base and make informed decisions based on the data we assemble. We may recommend that you offer loyalty schemes, free shipping, refer a friend initiatives or that you improve on-page aspects such copy and photography in order to get your point across in a clearer fashion.

Build trust to build business

Whatever recommendations we make, you can rest assured that we have run the numbers and are making such suggestions based on logic, not guesswork.

An online business is nothing without trust. In fact, building trust in your brand is probably the number one thing that you can do to improve your success online. But, how do you go about building trust from scratch?

Simple things such as associating yourself with professional bodies in your field and displaying your affiliation with them can help. Other trust logos such as secure payment signs and accreditations can also bolster your customers trust levels.

Even the copy on your website can build trust. Would you buy from a website with a poor command of English? I thought not. Spelling and grammar mistakes can send a potential customer straight into the arms of your competitor.

The power of data

When it comes to improving brand recognition it is an unfortunate fact that many agencies simply follow a flowchart-like formula for every one of their clients, regardless of their business model. This one-size-fits-all approach can bring results, but it’ll never produce optimal results.

Here at Edge45®, we like to bring a more scientific approach to the table. Our services are built around bespoke strategies that are unique to your business.

Created using precision logic and hard data, these game plans will give your company the edge that it needs to beat your competitors.

We also appreciate that every business is different, which is why we pay such close attention to your customer base. Segmenting your audience by different factors such as age, location, sex, average spend, conversion frequency and many other details, allows us to market to them more effectively.

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Testing for success

There is only one way to find out whether or not something is working, and that is by testing it. Thanks to our background in engineering, testing is something that comes naturally to us.

Because of our love of facts and figures, we don’t restrict our testing simply to your business – we’ll analyse all of your competitors too. By finding out what they are doing better than you, we can then begin to reverse engineer their work and make the improvements necessary to get you ahead of the competition.

We’ll also employ the latest technology to analyse your website as well. Heat maps and click tracking are just some of the methods we’ll use to make sure that your website is performing at its best. Having Edge45® on your side is almost like having an unfair advantage!

Branding and merchandising the Edge45 way

Getting inside the minds of your target audience is no mean feat, but the results make it well worth the effort. However, thanks to Edge45®, you won’t have to worry about a thing, as we’ll do all of the donkey work for you.

We’ll combine our industry knowledge with more than just a dash of testing to provide you with winning tactics that will see your performance skyrocket. Using customer surveys & user testing videos too will help us gain an insight into what makes your particular client base tick.

Marketing becomes easy once you know who you are marketing to and what they want from your company. Edge45® will give you this knowledge, which when combined with our SEO services you’ve got a potent recipe for online success.  Our UK based agency constantly strives to go above and beyond to ensure that your business is constantly performing at its very best.

We know the mechanics behind digital marketing and the psychology that drives people to take action. Get in touch today to give your business the winning edge.

What makes us different?

We use powerful, data driven information to strengthen your brand and broaden your reach

Our grasp of psychological triggers helps us get you the results that you want

We build our strategies solely with your business in mind, giving you a unique game plan for growth

A 360° solution

Naturally, we appreciate the importance of PPC, SEO and CRO here at Edge45®, but we also know just how vital Branding and Merchandising is to a complete marketing strategy. Knitting them all together makes exciting things happen.

Without Branding and Merchandising, your other marketing efforts may under-perform. What good is a deluge of traffic if your message is jumbled and your value proposition is unclear? Edge45® can bring these key elements together, delivering a truly 360° solution for business.

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