The Edge45® Roundup – 07/07/17

The Edge45® Roundup – 07/07/17

This weekly roundup thing isn’t so weekly huh?
Anyway, here are the best three things we have seen this week in the wide world of marketing:

1. Amazon Prime Day 2017

Amazon Prime day is once again nearly among us and Amazon are going all out in terms of marketing to make this year another record breaking year. The Event, which is on Tuesday 11th July 2017, is the one day of the year where Amazon runs thousands of deals exclusively for Prime members, with new deals launching every 5 minutes. Prime day was so successful last year that we saw amazon’s site traffic increase by 36%, saw 90,000 TV’s fly off their virtual shelves and saw enough Philips Hue lightbulbs sold to replace every light in the Albert Hall everyday for 4 and ½ Years!

Amazon have practically created their own “Black Friday”.

The marketing for the event has appeared in many different forms which we have all seen before. However, this year Amazon are running “The Amazon Lottery” where prime users have a chance of winning £100,000 just by streaming a TV show or Film via a Fire Stick, Fire TV or Amazon app. That’s it.
Pretty impressive stuff.

2. Paddy Power Poo-pooing Costa Coffee

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you are aware that a BBC investigation found that “Off the Scale” traces of faecal bacteria is knocking about in your iced drink from your favourite coffee chain (Starbucks, Nero and Costa).  Well at dark times such as these, we must turn to a hero who can bring light to the darkness. This hero is the Paddy Power marketing team.

A Costa Coffee which was unfortunate enough to be located next to the smack talking bookmakers saw a cheeky bit of in-store advertising be put up in the window the morning the news broke. The ad simply read “Don’t Gamble Next Door – We Won’t Sh*t In Your Coffee”. Cracking stuff lads, keep up the good work.

3. Turning Facebook Adverts into Retro 1980’s Adverts.

Not to shoot our own industry in the foot but let’s face it: lots of adverts are rubbish and Facebook is a main offender. So how about an Ad Blocker? Well how about an Ad Blocker that replaces all your Facebook ads with classic ads from the 80’s? Betamax, that video game thing that went on your wrist, the Mk1 VW Golf GTi, and of course the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
It’s a pretty sensational PR move by French agency Kindai, it’s that type of advertising you don’t mind. See it can be done. Download it from the link below and live a better life.

Social Ads – Vintage Edition








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