The Edge45® Roundup – 14/07/17

The Edge45® Roundup – 14/07/17

It’s another week and impressively we’ve managed to keep this round up thing going weekly now! Anyway, this week was defined by a virtual sandwich – go on keep reading.

1. The Snapchat Hotdog

Snapchat’s fortunes are entirely unpredictable and it’s exciting to see where it might go. One week it seems like no one can make any use of it and it will come to nothing but it is kept strong by it’s seemingly hooked user base. Then it comes along and throws something in the mix that makes it a much more popular platform. That could in the form of the programmatic ad platform, which totally revolutionised the accessibility of advertising on the platform.

They also do things like use Augmented Reality so that you can super impose a dancing Hot Dog on someones head and that is what we’re choosing for our round up here. It’s a perfect example of “It’s not stupid if it works.” because it’s immediately become a meme, it’s been in the news for making people laugh and it’s pumped up their usage numbers again. Making their users all ready to be subject to adverts.

We’re not even sure this is marketing but it’s worked very well in getting snapchat back into both advertisers and users good books. Hotdog.

2. Vertical Video News

“It doesn’t matter if what you make is great if no one is watching it.” That’s the attitude that informed the creation of V-Studio by News UK, a news studio that creates all it’s content in a vertical video format. We hate to congratulate The Sun on anything but they saw that 92% of their users consumed their content on mobile and have then gone about optimising for it.

Which is actually a pretty valid trend and it just makes it that little easier for people to consume their media. Something as small as, not having to rotate your phone, is working for them. So someone else with more integrity than The Sun take note, copy it, and we’ll congratulate you on it.

3. People Not Spending Money on Google’s Ad Network

Channel 4 reported a boost in it’s ad revenue during a phase for TV ads which they themselves describe as “dire”. So they’re pretty chuffed Google and it’s advertisers took a huge terror related misstep recently (Which we covered here.) but the real kicker is that the scandal broke cover back in March. The repercussions are still going on and a lot of advertisers are avoiding the GDN. Which when you consider 96% of Google’s revenue is from Ads, is sort of a big deal.

Will the billion dollar gap in GDN revenue last? No. Will it ever go back to the highs in ad spend on the GDN we’ve been used to? Maybe not. It could genuinely be a permanent game-changer in that Google’s ad network is mortal and not a magical instrument to deliver world domination to advertisers. It’s just another option.

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