Featured Snippets: a micro case study

Featured Snippets: a micro case study

Featured snippets are very on-trend in SEO strategies at the moment. This is what they look like:

A screenshot of a featured snippet

Here’s one we made earlier

They represent a stroke of genius by Google: by pulling select content through to the SERPs they achieve three goals simultaneously:

  • Searchers are given quicker access to the information they’re looking for
  • Content writers are encouraged to write quality and answer-driven content
  • The SEO industry as a whole is coaxed toward techniques that genuinely improve the state of the internet

In short: 👍

That’s all very nice, but how do I get a featured snippet?

Google is characteristically reticent with explicit information on how to get your content featured in snippets, but there are some commonly accepted suggestions:

  • Answer the questions people are actually asking, not the ones you think they’re asking. This means research. Look on Quora, Reddit, Yahoo Answers, Google’s related searches, etc.
  • Make headings, and ideally your content title, into questions.
  • Include a concise summary of the answer, then provide further information where necessary.
  • Format answers in a concise and punchy way: bullet points are good, reams of waffle aren’t.
  • ANSWER THE QUESTIONS. Don’t go off on a tangent and omit the actual answer.

And remember, these tips increase the likelihood of getting your content featured. They are by no means a guarantee.

Good luck, and Godspeed.

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