Weekly Update from Edge45® 27/4/18

Weekly Update from Edge45® 27/4/18

The latest news and highlights from the world of SEO and Digital Marketing for the Week ending 27/04/2018.

Google Confirms a “Broad Core” search algorithm update took place on April 16th

From the official “Google Search Liaison” Twitter account, Google confirms they rolled out a broad core algorithm update on Monday 16th April 2018.

Google explained that they release these updates several times a year to improve their search results and there is nothing a website can do to tweak its ranking efforts around this update.GSC Liaison Screenshot

As always, Google stated that if you continue to improve the overall quality of your site and focus on the user, your website will hopefully be rewarded within the search results.

Has your site been affected by the recent update? Let us know!

Updated Google “Page Rank” patent was granted on April 25th, 2018.

Now there is a name we haven’t heard in a while. Page rank used to be THE metric to focus on to get your site to rank in the search results. That was until Google killed it some years ago to force webmasters not to focus on a single number and to look at the big picture.

It is widely understood that while a public Page Rank was removed, a private version of the metric is still used by Google to this day. Therefore, when the online community got wind of an update to the Page Rank patent, it sent the discussion boards into meltdown.

You’re probably wondering if you need to be worried. The short answer is no. The Page Rank metric has been part of the algorithm for years.

One Redditor, nzerinto, summarised the updates to the patent in a way in which we can all understand “Get Links from High-Level Sites in Your Niche”.

Mobile First Index Continues to be Rolled out

Google began rolling out it’s “mobile-first” indexing of the web to certain websites back in March 2018 after a year and a half of experimentation and testing.Mobile First Index

Google is continuing to move sites over to the new mobile-first indexing in waves and will continue to do so until every site has been moved.

Whilst Google has claimed that the mobile-first indexing won’t directly impact how content is ranked, it did state that having a site’s mobile-friendly content indexed in the new fashion will help a site to perform better in the mobile SERPs.


Is your site mobile friendly? Are you ready for the July 2018 deadline?

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