Content Marketing and How to do it Well

Content Marketing, everyone seems to know that they need it but so few seem to do it well. We’ve seen cynical content, we’ve seen self-indulgent content and every now and again – we see great content. It’s content that takes your SEO, Social Media and E-commerce to the next level.

Remember: “Good Creative Works”.

Great, so we know it’s super important but that still doesn’t answer the question: “How do you make it?”. Well, would you like to know what we regard as our secret sauce? It’s eyeballs. Okay if we want to be the best Agency in York, we better explain it better than that. By eyeballs we mean the audience – people. You’ve got to create something that actual people (remember them?) want to engage with and share. A lot of agencies create content for Google or Twitter or Facebook, they’re creating for an algorithm, not the communities that exist within.

Can you see where we’re going with this?

We do it differently, we create content with people in mind. Because those big names Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit are always refining their system to give their audience the most informative, relevant or entertaining content.

You need to align yourself with those platforms and their audience – be on the same side. Don’t set out a content plan that ‘games’ an algorithm, because what are you achieving? Your content returns a high traffic number? A number of people who aren’t even remotely interested in it? Excellent (or “smh” depending on your generation). You will always thank yourself for creating content that attracts quality traffic (or eyeballs) because that’s an investment in yourself.

It all comes down to quality and intent. Don’t just hurl some crap into the echo chamber. Create something great, something people want to see, maybe something they need to see. Then execute with total conviction. That way everyone wins. The audience gets the satisfaction of compelling content, your SEO agency can build a great link profile through it, your social agency will thank you as your content catapults engagement rates.

At the top of that list though is you, all those real, engaged people talking about your brand. So, if you create your own content or you need it creating (we’re here!) remember – create it for people not programs. Invest in yourself.