Edge45® makes the switch to HTTPS for optimum security

Switching our site from HTTP to HTTPS was a decision we made to increase the security of our own website and to offer site visitors and clients peace of mind every time they visit.

At Edge45® we know how important it is to maintain a safe and secure web environment for our business and the businesses of our clients.

The jargon-y bit

HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) is the foundation of data communication across the world-wide web, however, it does not offer the user any protection from data being intercepted by an unwanted and uninvited third party. Enhancing a website with the addition of secure socket layer (SSL) or more recently transport layer security (TLS) under the regular HTTP layering adds bi- directional encryption. This bi-directional encryption establishes a secure link between the server and the client, most usually the website and the browser. The ‘S’ after HTTP in the web address bar shows the website has valid SSL or TLS certificate, instantly reassuring website visitors our site can be trusted without question.

mmm, that security!

Google claims it is committed to creating a clean world wide web a place free from third party attacks. To encourage the switch, they are awarding a small ranking advantage to HTTPS sites. This is already noticeable in search results; the top-ranking sites will inevitably be those which have invested in HTTPS security. This ranking advantage increases the visibility of the site and increases engagement of more security conscious users; sites with SSL and TLS certification will consequently have a higher click through ratio; Google is indirectly telling customers and visitors which sites they should go with.

Edge45® is also encouraging our clients to follow it’s lead and make the switch to an SSL or TLS certificated site to ensure data integrity, encryption and authentication, whether the site collects private information or not. If this is something you’d like to discuss for your site, get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise!