Is SEO Dead? An Edge45® seminar at Made in York

Edge45® founder Colin Docherty took time to run a seminar on the basics of SEO, in this episode he runs through some results, pointers and ultimately answers a question that NEEDS to stop being asked.


“You can pay Google to have your listing at the very top of page one at the drop of the hat. You can see the difference between paid listings which are got the little ‘Ad’ there and then these are the, organic ones which SEO is responsible for. So you might say, well what’s the point in trying to get here with nine months worth of SEO work when I can here just by paying Google a few quid and bypass the whole thing? Well, here’s one reason why.

Here’s data from my own website. I built my website back in May 2015 and obviously practising SEO had to put my money where my mouth is, and try to get my website ranking. You could see here sort of back in August September 15, 34 , 35 visits a month that’s when I was ranking outside of page 1.

You get on to page 1, it’s not a success, I don’t class being on page 1 as me doing my job. Because if you’re at the bottom of page 1, doesn’t really make that much difference to be honest. Really you wanna be in the top three results. They’ve done research on this if you’re number 1, in organic, you can expect to get 36% of the clicks, that come from the search.

So let’s say, a 100 people do a search for cheap printers York and number 1, we’ll get 36 visits. Number 2, half so about 18 and number 3, goes to about 10%, and then after that it drops off the cliff. So go on to page one between five and 10. You’ll see a moderate improvement but not a great deal.

January 2016, got Edge45® to rank number one for all things SEO York, and you can see just how the traffic explodes. Once you’re in those top three positions All hell breaks loose frankly. And between December 2015 and January 2016 that is nearly double the amount of traffic, just by getting into those coveted top three spots.

And averaging out everything from the traffic from January 2016 on wards to everything prior to that it’s actually about 300% increase overall. So SEO does work, when it’s done right. Just another quick example, client of mine. Here is where start doing some SEO and making some changes.

You can see that on average, the traffic was never above this line. And once we made the changes you can see that on average we’re now certainly going a lot higher than where we were before. And that was just with some basic on-site changes that I’m gonna show you today you can do for your own website.

And happy client so it’s all fine and we’ll get more traffic to your website but it’s gotta translate into more money at the end of the day. So they got eight bookings I think in Leeds this week. They do hot tub hire by the way if you want inflatable hot tubs, weather doesn’t look so good at the minute.

Bottom line, is SEO does work, you just need to know what you’re doing or be working with somebody who knows what they’re doing.”