The Importance of Being Mobile

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We get it. A whole new site? Just for people on Mobile? Do people even buy from us on Mobile? Well only if you’ve got a good site.

It is staggering the amount of bad mobile websites that still exist in 2017, despite it being the pack leader when it comes to e-commerce conversions. It is even more strange when you consider that the big five (Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Twitter and WhatsApp) take up 85% of all app time usage. That leaves 15% of users app time TO EVERY OTHER APP in existence. That means if you’re creating an app you’re looking to fight for that 15%, now consider there are 2,800,000 apps on the Google Play Store and 2,200,000 apps on the Apple App Store. That’s a lot of noise.

Now consider that 51% of all web browsing in the UK is done on a Mobile and does not suffer the same weighting towards the big five. Your mobile site is going to be the place that your new customer comes from.

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Mobile Website Infographic