The Edge45® Round Up – 26/05/17

Welcome to a new series of blogs. Much of our time is spent creating content and improving websites Search Engine Rankings. All in the name of getting people to look at our clients and feel or act in a certain way. We’re constantly looking to improve what we offer our clients. This means we spend a lot of time looking for and finding great pieces of work which we can learn a thing or two from. It seems a shame not to share these finds. So from this point on we are going to be sharing three of our favourite Digital Marketing finds with you wonderful people each week.

So, without further ado:

1. The Labour Party with ‘Promote’

Now we know what you’re thinking, an agency talking politics, but bear with us on this one. In the 2015 election Labour spent £160,000 on Social Media promotion, whereas the Conservatives spent a whopping £1.2 million. This time around Labour have gone the whole hog – actually creating their own Targeting Platform called Promote.

Based on their voter database, the software allows them to identify and correlate specific sections of society and character traits to Labour policy and their exposure to it. It sounds simple, but we’re impressed with this innovation and as we discussed in the office, Jeremy Corbyn seems to be in EVERYONE’s news feeds.

Whilst they may not have the financial clout of the Conservative Party, Labour say they are willing to put £1 million into Social Media Advertising. If you thought Social Media Advertising was about to mature into something valuable – you’re late.

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2. Andy Maslen on Judging Copywriting

The difference between creativity and artistry are blurry lines often mixed up to mean the same thing. Though not in Andy Maslen’s eyes. Creativity, it’s hard to define but in agency land we take it to mean coming up with an idea to address a certain issue or to facilitate a particular action or feeling. You can measure that.

Artistry takes creativity and needs much less justification, it can exist in whatever form it wishes and can represent huge value to different people in many different ways. You can’t measure that.

We don’t completely agree with Mr Maslen, but we do subscribe to the principal. Copywriting is not quite that simple (especially SEO Copywriting). It is however, part of an interesting conversation on copywriting – what makes good copy? Because you know it when you see it.

But remember – What did the client ask for in their marketing?

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Source: The Drum

3. Virtue Worldwide with Lululemon: This is Yoga

*sigh* Yoga, the ancient practice of doing some breathing, thinking and exercise all in one go. Most of us here have tried and by my reckoning we all liked it. How do you market it well though? It’s not got the most flattering image if we’re being honest. The people at Virtue Worldwide Agency created an ad that perfectly encapsulates the principles of Yoga and what makes it attractive – without showing one ‘Halasana’ (yeah we had to google that one too).

Update 2020: Unfortunately the video is no longer available

That’s all for this week folks, hope you enjoyed discovering some cool things – until next time!