Edge45 is proud to announce York’s inaugural Fantasy Football League for York Businesses & Organisations.

If you are a local business or organisation, you are proudly invited to enter into the league where you will pit your fantasy football skills against your local contemporaries over the course of the 2019/20 Premier League Football season.

But Why?

We are big fans of supporting local business and aim to contribute to that as much as possible. We want to bring more local businesses together, become aware of one another, get to know one another more and generally aim to help foster a tighter knit local business community in York.

What better way of doing so then to introduce a little friendly competition, rivalry and banter in the form of Fantasy Football?

PPC Agency York
Spark York Vs ACollective - Two of York's premier office spaces that we'd like to see go head to head
Or what about two of York's largest Web Design Agencies? The more businesses that enter, the greater the bragging rights. We want to see estate agents, accountants, legal firms, bars, restaurants and as many other York businesses as possible enter.

Why should I enter?

Well firstly, not entering might make you look at bit dull – after all, this is meant to be some lighthearted fun and it is free!

Secondly, your pride and local reputation is at stake! You might choose not to enter to protect that pride and reputation, but what if one of your competitors enters? Do you want them stealing all the limelight that should be yours!? Just think of the local bragging rights when you sit atop of the league at the end of the season.

And finally – There are PRIZES. Yes, you read that correctly, prizes!

The Prize Categories

In addition to the overall league winner, there will be multiple prize categories where we have 3 more more businesses in the same sector (i.e. competitors!) which are provisionally listed below:

  • Overall League Winner
  • Best Estate Agent
  • Best Legal Firm
  • Best Web Design Agency
  • Best Marketing (Digital & PR) Agency
  • Best Food/Drink Establishment
  • Best Professional Organisation

If your business does not fit into any of the above categories, don’t worry, a category will be introduced if  3 or more businesses enter who provide the same services. This is where we call on you to spread the word and get your competitors involved!

PPC Agency York
Pay Per Click Advertising Agency York

The Prizes

Prizes will be formally announced in the near future and will almost certainly include crates of beer and cases of wine. There may even be some other goodies that we throw in… just watch this space.

What we can confirm however are the hallowed York Business Fantasy League Trophies that the overall winner and category winners will receive for their sterling season long efforts.

These trophies are currently being designed by expert sculptors in Venice and will then be cast in solid Gold in the prestigious refineries of Switzerland. Your business name will be engraved for all of eternity and this unique piece will take pride of place in your offices and be included in your sales pitch as a reason customers should use you.

York Business Fantasy Football League Twitter Icon

Remember to sing when you’re winning

What use is competition if you can’t enjoy a little friendly rivalry and banter along the way? Just use the Twitter hashtag #ybffl to (gently) taunt your rivals, share tips and insights as well as keep generally up to date with what is going on in the league.

How to Enter & THE RULES!

How To Enter

  1. If you are new to the concept of Fantasy Football, we suggest heading over to this page to acquaint yourself with how the game works first.
  2. After that, you’ll want to visit the Premier League Fantasy Football site to pick your team. You’ve got to pick 15 players for no more than £100 million.
  3. If you need any help, check out the help section
  4. Once you’ve named your team (see the rules first!), you will want to join the league which you will need the league pin for – 918544-274652


  1. You MUST name your team [TEAM NAME] – [COMPANY NAME]. For example, Clueless Fools – Edge45®
  2. You can enter a team for each member of your organisation that would like to play, for example CONXI – Edge45®, Aimless Wanderers – Edge45® etc.
  3. That is it!

Just some of the companies on board already