Site Migration Case Study

Site Migration Case Study

How Edge45® planned & successfully executed a perfect site migration from to

Client: Basco Fine Foods


Segment: Food & Drink, E-commerce, B2C

Background: Basco Fine Foods had been a client of Edge45® for sometime but under the name Greys Fine Foods operates an online Spanish food shop that specialises in sourcing and importing authentic, top quality Spanish foods, ingredients and drinks from Spain into the UK.

Having already made significant improvements to the rankings, traffic and conversion rate of the Greys Site, Edge45® wanted to improve the conversion rate further.

Recorded user testing sessions for the Grey’s Fine Foods revealed that the name itself ( was serving as a barrier to sales. People felt that “Greys” wasn’t very Spanish and when compared side by side with competitors who had a more Spanish look and feel to the site, was not the first choice when test subjects were asked which they would choose to buy Spanish food from online.

After careful consideration as well as more testing, surveys and user sessions, our client decided that a re-brand from Greys Fine Foods to Basco Fine Foods was necessary and would provide an increased long term benefit in the form of greater sales.

The re-brand meant that a new website design was needed and crucially, a new domain name to reflect the re-brand. This meant moving the website from to and to do perfectly, meant no loss of rankings, traffic or revenue. Site migrations bring inherent risk. If you have position #1 rankings for high traffic driving terms, the last thing you want to do is risk losing them by re-hosting them on a new URL that is different to the one that the search engines are currently recognising and favouring.

Goal 1 – Ensure no loss of rankings in the SERPs before, during and after the site migration

Goal 2 – Ensure no loss of traffic to the site before, during and after the site migration

What We Did

As Greys/Basco was a long term client already, Edge45® was involved with the site migration from the start. Edge45® liaised with the web designer to ensure that all of the new page templates for the new design would be able to accommodate the content of the existing site (which has a sizeable influence on current rankings). Once confident that all content from the soon to be old site had a place to live on the new site, prepping for the switch-over itself began. A step by step plan was put in place, clear and concise actions were listed and responsibilities assigned. Edge45® worked closely with Greys/Basco Fine Foods website developer to ensure that not only was the switch over seamless for visitors to the site, but also that as far as the Search Engines were concerned, existing rankings were protected with no loss of Organic Search traffic to the new site.

The Results

Organic Visibility

The below chart shows an almost perfect cross over in Organic Visibility as the site migration went live. The new site instantly became visible to take the place of the old site. Not only that, but the weeks after the initial site migration showed even better performance than the old site did before the site migration!

Basco Fine Foods Greys Fine Foods Site Migration Annotated

After settling down to match pre-site migration levels of Organic Visibility, we have seen the site further kick on in terms of visibility (Mid February 2017 onwards).


The average combined rank of 131 keywords being tracked moved from 12.8 to 10.9

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic levels for the months before and after the site migration (highlighted in yellow) remained on trend with the previous months and, continued to grow month on month after the site migration:

Basco Site Migration Organic Traffic


A loss of rankings however is the first thing that happens when a site migration is not done correctly and that is followed immediately by a loss of website traffic, leads and revenue. Despite the obvious risk, site migrations are rarely given the due care, thought and attention they deserve. More often than not, Edge45® is asked to rectify the damage an ill considered site migration has done AFTER the migration has been completed!

Edge45® cannot recommend enough proper planning for a site migration and it is important that you ensure there is someone within your team who knows what they are doing to ensure the migration is done properly.

What the client said

“Fundamentally, Edge 45 has made a significant difference to the way we do business online. They’ve grown our online revenue to a point that we can start treating it as a standalone business & thanks to Colin’s SEO knowledge & experience, our brand is ranking 100 times better in Google.”

Are you planning a site migration? Or has a recent site migration not gone to plan?

If having read our site migration case study, you want to know more about how Edge45® might help you, contact us today:

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