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75% of people searching for businesses on Google never scroll past the 1st page.

If your Newcastle business is not on that 1st page, that’s bye-bye – not why-aye - to potential customers and revenue.
*Hubspot Inbound Marketing Stats

Chances are you’re one of the 75%. The 2nd page of Google is like the last slice of pizza no one wants. It’s not bad, but everyone’s lost their appetite already.

Your potential customers in Newcastle and beyond are searching Google, right now, for services you offer. However, they only have enough appetite to scroll down page 1 – and not even all of it… maybe just the first one or two search results.

Thankfully, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) exists to get your Newcastle business the attention it deserves on Google & Bing.

Without SEO… no… without the right SEO, your business is missing out on opportunities to dramatically increase brand visibility online – missing out on 75% of potential customers who’ve now disappeared into thin air. Poof!

Or maybe you’ve tried SEO before, and the results were not encouraging. The truth is, you probably didn’t have the right Newcastle SEO Agency on your side. Luckily, you’ve now found Edge45®.

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The organic growth an SEO Newcastle client has enjoyed since employing the SEO help of Edge45®.

The SEO Agency With an Edge

We’re a North Yorkshire SEO agency with years of experience in optimising websites for search engines. Our wealth of experience in local SEO will guarantee your Newcastle business its rightful place on the first page of Google and other serach engines; to be seen and chosen by millions of people. Just like that first slice of pizza!

Plus, we don’t just stop at the first page – that’s easy. We take businesses to the top 3 search results. The best seats in the search-engine house.

Contact us and let’s use SEO to reserve one of those seats for your business in Newcastle.

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Let’s get acquainted

Who are we? We are Edge45®, a team of innovative SEO and Digital Search specialists, who, with over a decade of experience and expertise help Newcastle businesses thrive online. We know your potential customers are looking for you and we make it our duty to ensure they find you whether they are in Newcastle, New York, or New Zealand.

How do we do it? Many different factors contribute to how well a business can increase online visibility through search engine rankings. Like Eddie Howe, we know the right mix of tactics to get the best results.

Usually, businesses find that they need SEO in more ways than one – be it technical SEO, site migration services or content optimisation. Some find it out the easy way, by talking to us first. Others the hard way – when something’s broken. We’ve seen it all and we help in every scenario, but we always wish our clients the former. No business deserves the emotional stress that comes with the latter.

The personal touch at no extra cost

Edge45® SEO agency is just an hour away from the city centre of Newcastle. Our local team and flair for personalisation will make your team feel like they are right next door.

We’ve dominated local search rankings with our unrivalled SEO and Digital Search expertise, and are trusted for SEO services by Newcastle’s big, small and medium businesses to help them thrive online.

We will work with your team to create a customised SEO strategy tailored to your business needs. We’ll start by analysing what’s already working for you online; establish goals and develop a unique game plan to achieve those goals within your budget within an agreed timeline. We’ll give you full-monthly reports to keep you informed on what we’ve done and how you are performing.

Our local team will always be on hand – one call, one virtual meet-up or one train ride away – to attend to your queries. Our office in the historic and prestigious York Guildhall has its doors wide open to receive you and we’re more than happy to also make the journey to you.

Contact us and let’s talk about your business needs.

SEO, as simple as it gets

We know not everyone would understand or even trust SEO, so we throw away the jargon and speak plainly and honestly – all while maintaining professionalism.

Here, at Edge45®, we don’t use tricks or gimmicks, and we won’t lead you on or make empty promises. We operate with transparency and will show you only what will work best for your Newcastle business and what will work in the future.

At the end of the day, SEO is not a complicated process when you have the right team to help you out

‘Experience, Expertise, & Eligibility’

We have been building successful SEO campaigns for businesses in Northern England and across the UK for years. The combined expertise, experience, and top-notch industry qualifications of our entire team make us the ideal partner for any project. We incorporate tried-and-true SEO and Digital Search techniques to drive success.

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Why choose Edge45® as your Newcastle SEO agency?

What makes us different from other SEO agencies? The answer lies in our unique approach to client services, where we put ourselves in the shoes of our clients. We’ll never offer you more than what your business needs just for the sake of getting an extra few quid out of you. It’s a matter of our principle, which is why transparency and care are two of our core values.

Instead, we’ll develop a unique game plan that fits your Newcastle business requirements and goals. We don’t just do this because we’re experts at it, but because we care about your business. We are a business too, so we understand the hustle.

Here at Edge45®, we’re calculated and strategic – hence the name. We strive for excellent results and nothing less. We’re not the ‘shoot for the stars and land on the moon’ sort. Why not land on the stars, we ask?

Our passion for innovation drives our bespoke SEO strategies. We take advantage of new developments in search engine algorithms and the Digital Search world to achieve our client’s goals. We don’t settle for vanity metrics – no way. Instead, we aim for real results that will shake our client’s bottom line.

Then there is the matter of our identity. We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk. As you probably already noticed, Edge45® SEO Agency is a page one result when you type any variation of ‘seo newcastle’ ‘newcastle seo agency’ ‘newcastle seo’ in Google Search. We specialise in SEO because we know how to get results.

At the end of the day, we never leave our clients in the dark. That’s not the Edge45® way. We prioritise open communication and honesty. That’s why we keep our clients up-to-date on changes before and after we implement them and coordinate monthly performance reviews that clearly show the effect of our Midas touch.

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We stand out from the crowd with expert SEO services.

We’re easily accessible to any Newcastle based business – only a call away, and a stone’s throw from York train station.


Don’t just trust any SEO agency with your online presence. That can easily turn into an expensive mistake!

At Edge45®, we only use white hat SEO methods— meaning we avoid spammy practices that could ruin your site’s reputation in the long run. We stay on top of the latest techniques and developments not just in the field of SEO, but also in Digital Search, Content Marketing, PPC, and CRO – the whole works.

Thanks to our years of experience and expertise in SEO and Digital Search, we are always up for any challenge. Whether your Newcastle business is on Google’s page two, three or zero, we say “bring it on!”.

I can’t thank Edge45® enough for their hard work and dedication to my business at such a difficult time. They’ve slaved away writing 100’s of pages of content for our website. They’re not afraid to get their hands dirty and always willing to go above and beyond.”

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A lot of local business owners in Newcastle are still not doing enough to get onto the front page of Google. Be different!