Your website looks great. All the whizz-bang graphics and carefully crafted text is in place and now it’s surely just a case of waiting for your public to flood towards you, wallets open. But, wait. Have you considered what’s going on behind the scenes? Will your fancy website look as spiffing to Google as it does to you?

If you don’t already know the answer to these questions, you need an SEO audit. However, not all SEO audits are created equal, so how do you make the right choice for your business? Who can you trust to give you the information you need without the waffle? The answer? Edge45®.

SEO agency, Edge45®, offers clients a unique chance to really get to grips with what is going on ‘under the hood’ of their website. Instead of merely pointing out what’s wrong, our SEO audit specialists lay out exactly how to get your business moving up the search rankings in a fast and cost-effective manner. We call it our SEO Roadmap, and it can help your business find the route to success.

Why Edge45®’s SEO Roadmap is right for your business

Regardless of the industry you are in, having a business website is key in today’s digital age. However, what good is website that cannot be found? It’s like the proverbial tree falling in the forest. Will your site make any noise at all?

With Edge45®’s SEO Roadmap, you’ll be giving your company website the greatest chance of success and decent search rankings as we explore every aspect that can affect both rank and conversion rates. Our professional SEO auditors will compile a bespoke strategy for your site, complete with monthly tasks clearly laid out in no-nonsense language.

Furthermore, we never work with smoke and mirrors here at Edge45®. Other SEO agencies may hold back details in order to tie you in to their services, but we don’t work like that. So, if you decide to take your SEO needs elsewhere or would prefer to handle the tasks in house, our SEO Roadmap gives you all the information you’ll need to resolve the issues that we find. It is, after all, your report.

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Edge45® SEO Audit/Roadmap Sample

Promises, promises

Ever get the feeling that something is simply too good to be true? If you search for SEO audits you may well get that feeling multiple times before you land on a reputable site such as Edge45®. Far too often, SEO agencies promise the earth but deliver very little and, unfortunately, the SEO audit part of the industry is no exception.

Promises of unfeasibly fast rank rises and guarantees of page one places should raise a huge red flag whether you are looking for a thorough SEO audit or not. The fact of the matter is that there are no guarantees when it comes to working with Google. However, there are steps that you can take in order to get your website working optimally, which will maximise your chances of rising above your competitors online.

One such step is to commission an SEO Roadmap from Edge45®. This document will outline not only the problems but also give you detailed solutions that will help your site perform to the best of its ability.

Shady SEO…

Too often, we see businesses led down the promised road toward the land of milk and honey, only to be left disappointed when the early wins turn into huge losses thanks to the tactics of the shady SEO agency that they employed.

Google is constantly reviewing and honing the algorithms that produce such stunningly accurate search results, and they want to do everything they can to provide searchers with the very best results for their queries.

… and Google penalties

This can lead to a Google penalty for sites built on shaky foundations, and yet many SEO audits do not include checks to determine whether this is the case or not.

Edge45® runs full penalty checks whenever we provide an SEO Roadmap for our clients, and we’ll even examine your link profile, too. This will give you an insight into whether or not you have been hit by a penalty and, more importantly, how to go about getting that penalty lifted from your site.

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‘Professionally Trained SEO Consultants With The Right Qualifications’

We are committed to ensuring we stay ahead of the curve in the fast changing Search Engine Optimisation industry through continuous ongoing professional development. With a cutting edge(45) SEO Audit, you can be sure your website is taking advantage of each and every ranking signal Google is using to choose who gets a seat at the table of ten that is Page 1 of Google.

Why an Edge45® Audit Roadmap?

We go way beyond the standard SEO audit checklist used by many lesser agencies, giving you not only an insight into how your website is performing, but also the information you need to improve your rankings.

We cover everything from optimising your Google My Business listing through to setting up your Google Analytics with funnels and goals so that your site can achieve genuine results that stand the test of time.

Plus, all of this is done with full transparency, so you’ll know exactly what we are going to do and when.

How our SEO audit differs from the competition

Our expert SEO audit team in York will provide you with more than just the problems that your site is facing, they’ll provide you with the solutions, too.

We’ll create a bespoke blueprint for your business that outlines the fastest route to better positioning across all of the major search engines.

Full transparency keeps you up to date on what we are doing to improve your search rankings each and every month.

Many SEO agencies offer free audits these days, so why should you pay? Well, the chances are good that these ‘free’ audits are really nothing more than bait to get you on the hook.
To use an old retail term, they’re simply loss leaders, and for that reason they are to be avoided.

Consider this. In order to become profitable over the long-term, these loss leading SEO audits need to be conducted cheaply and quickly. After all, they are simply playing a numbers game. However, if you take them up on their offer of a free SEO audit, you’re just another one of those numbers. How would that feel?

Because of the way these free audits will be conducted, the results that’ll be presented to you will be flimsy at best. You can be certain that your audit will flag up problems that the SEO company can fix, but they’ll provide little detail on how they intend to go about it.

We work differently here at Edge45® – we pride ourselves on results. Not for us, but for you! Having this company ethos allows us to do what’s right by our clients, and our SEO audit reflects that brilliantly.

“The SEO road map provided a lot of value which has resulted in us now getting around three times as many enquiries a month as we used to, all of which are coming via the website.
We are really pleased with the results of Edge45® and have already recommended their services to some business friends of ours for their website.”

− Yves Quemerais, Personal Chef

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SEO Audit Case Studies

Read about some of Edge45®’s SEO Road Map case studies below

Car Leasing Website

2075% Organic Traffic Increase

3925% Organic Conversions Increase

John A. Connell

Page 1 Rankings Within 4 Weeks

1029% Organic Traffic Increase

Now, do you think that a free SEO audit is still best for your company?