John A. Connell SEO Case Study

How Edge45® turned an invisible author internationally visible in 4 weeks

john a connell seo case study organic traffic
Client: John Connell


Background: John A. Connell is a Hollywood camera man turned author who’s internationally acclaimed debut novel “Ruins of War” was to be released in May 2015. Anticipating a significant increase in people searching for more information on John once his book was released, John needed his website to be easily found within natural search.

John’s problem was that his website did not show within the first 6 pages of results in for his name despite the domain name of his website being

Additionally, John’s website was competing against Amazon, Ebay, Penguin Books and Harper Collins who were selling his book and ranking better for his name and book.

Finally, search results for another more established author named John O’Connell were being shown by Google for the search ‘John A Connell’ through Google’s auto correct system.

john a connell seo case study_search results before edge45®

Edge45® was given just four weeks to get the website ranking for John’s name so that he could capitalise on the “buzz” surrounding him and his book launch. His website HAD to be visible.

Deliver page 1 results for the search term ‘john a connell’ within 4 weeks.

The Results

Keyword Rankings

Page 1 rankings for 5 of the 6 key terms important to John from outside the top 50 within 4 weeks including the most important, ‘john a connell’ at #5.

John A. Connell Keywords Rank 12th April 2015 Rank 5th May 2015 Rank 31st May 2015
john a connell Not in top 50 5 4
john a connell writer Not in top 50 13 5
john a connell author Not in top 50 8 6
john a connell ruins of war Not in top 50 3 2
john connell ruins of war Not in top 50 8 7
Average Rank Not in top 50 7.4 Average Rank 4.8 Average Rank

John now also ranks for his name in its own right without Google correcting it to author ’john o’connell’.


**Update 14th April 2016**

John now ranks #1 for his name:

john a connell position 1 rank seo

John A. Connell Keywords Rank 12th April 2015 Rank 14th April 2016
john a connell Not in top 50 1
john a connell writer Not in top 50 1
john a connell author Not in top 50 1
Average Rank Not in top 50 1.0 Average Rank

Organic Traffic

1029% increase in organic traffic compared to the monthly average preceding Edge45®’s SEO consultancy.

Author John A ConnellWhat The Client Said

“When I approached Colin about my problem with the low ranking for my website in a Google search, I had already heard others recommend expensive, time consuming, or just plain wasteful solutions to the same problem. Colin was able to achieve incredible results in less time, for less money, and handled with expertise and efficiency. Where once I my website was buried on page 6 or 7 in Google searches, it now ranks in the top five. I highly recommend Colin Docherty and Edge45®!” – John A. Connell

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