MTa Learning SEO Case Study

How Edge45® hit our client’s six and twelve month KPIs within six months with a 102% increase in average organic traffic levels.

Client: MTa Learning


Segment: Education

Background: MTA Learning are experts in Experiential Learning, a method of developing soft skills by ‘doing’. Participants engage in team activities using building blocks and other physical components to achieve a particular challenge, each of which bring about a set learning outcome.
MTA learning had seen their organic traffic levels showing a downward trend over a sustained period of time and having accepted their own efforts to reverse this trend were not working, engaged the services of Edge45® to arrest and reverse their declining Organic traffic levels.

Goal: Our six month KPI was to achieve 33% increase in organic sessions within 6 months with a 12 month KPI to achieve an additional 50% increase should our first KPI be achieved.

The Results

Not only did Edge45® hit the six month KPI of increasing average monthly organic visits by 33%, we also exceeded it by achieving a 102% increase where average monthly organic visits increased from 885 to almost 1800 sessions per month for 2017.
This also meant Edge45® achieved its twelve month KPI of increasing traffic by a further 50% within just six months.

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